Business School of IPB–Tokyo University of Agriculture Established Cooperation in Field Practices

The Business School (SB) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) collaborated with Faculty of International Agriculture and Food Studies, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan (FIAFS-Tokyo Nodai) in the context of implementing the Indonesian Bio-Business Field Practice. The signing of the MoA (Memorandum of Agreement), between SB-IPB Dean—Prof. Noer Azam Achsani and the Dean of FIAFS-Tokyo Nodai—Prof. Keisuke Suganuma, was conducted at the Academic Center Building, Setagaya Campus, Tokyo University of Agriculture on last March 4th, 2019. The MoA signing was witnessed by the Dean of the Department of Agribusiness Management, Prof. Shiro Tsuchida, and Prof. Katsumori Hatanaka, Dr. Ramadhona Saville and Dr. Riskina Juwita from Tokyo Nodai. Meanwhile, on IPB side, there was the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Idqan Fahmi, Dean of the SB Study Program, Dr. Hartoyo and Dr. Siti Jahroh. According to Prof. Azam, Field Practice is one of the compulsory subjects with 2 credits in the Department of Agribusiness Management (formerly International Bio-Business) FIAFS-Tokyo Nodai, which is a direct practice in the field based on theory or understanding of courses taught in the classroom. This Field Practice is carried out inside and outside Japan. Oversea practices have been held in Thailand, Latin America and Philippines and are carried yearly. SB-IPB proposed the implementation of Field Practice in Indonesia which was approved by FIAFS-Tokyo Nodai. Thus, in 2020 around 15 students from the Department of Agribusiness Management will conduct Field Practice in Indonesia. SB-IPB will give 1 credit, and around 5 students interested in it can take part in the planned program lasting eleven days. In addition to the debriefing lectures at Tokyo Nodai, students will get lectures for one day as an introduction, then practice directly in the field and closed with student presentations. With the official agreement on the cooperation between SB-IPB and FIAFS-Tokyo Nodai, there can be a selection of students who are interested in participating in the Indonesia Bio-Business Field Practice so that the program can be implemented in August 2020. Before signing the MoA, the SB-IPB met with the President of the Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo Nodai), Prof. Katsumi Takano who welcomed the plan to implement Indonesia Bio-Business Field Practice. He emphasized the long history of cooperation between IPB and Tokyo Nodai through activities that have been carried out such as acceptance of IPB students to become full time student at Tokyo Nodai which has been implemented since 1998, active in IPB in the ISSAAS (International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences) and ISS (International Student Summit), held since 2001. In connection with the planned implementation of the ISS 2020 at IPB, IPB also held a meeting with the Tokyo Nodai Center for International Program (CIP) Director, Prof. Yoichi Sakata, Deputy Director, Prof. Kojiro Suzuki and Ms. Naho Goto. They delivered the ISS 2019 preparation and possibly some suggestions that could be adopted by IPB for the implementation of ISS 2020.

Published Date : 06-Mar-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Idqan Fahmi

Keyword : Field Practice, Management, Agribusiness, Business School