This year, IPB Targets for 60 Innovations Signed by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights

This year the Directorate of Innovation and Intellectual Property Institute of Agriculture (IPB) is targeting around 60 innovation IPB submitted to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (HKI). This was conveyed by Dr. Ir. Syarifah Iis Aisyah, Director of Innovation and Intellectual Property IPB Search and Writing Training Event Description Patent held on Thursday (6/2) at IPB Taman Kencana, Bogor. Further, Dr. Syarifah add innovation should be encouraged to have a patent, especially IPB is now changing the tagline into Inspiring Innovation with Integrity. "So that innovation should be rigorously managed well and focus," said Dr. Syarifah. 

"Through this training, the inventors could have an understanding of training and intellectual property (KI), can also be a description of the patent that is truly perfect," he added. Expected completion of training they have a draft proposal can be registered especially for the program in the near future, namely to achieve Uber IPR and IPR. 

Meanwhile, in front of dozens of researchers, Head of Intellectual Property IPB, Dr. DVM. I Ketut Mudite Adnyane, M.Si discuss the rules to which states that a patent holder with the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), the holder of a patent is a government agency. "That means that the invention is state property, but the economic rights are attached to the inventor. Royalty-related research and development was set up, "he said. 

In addition, Dr. Syarifah mention that remains a challenge in the commercialization of the technology is the difference between the needs of industry and university research results. "The research is still new laboratory scale untested, no prototypes and have high risk businesses also lack confidence in Indonesia against the resulting research universities. Not only is it necessary limitations venture funding for start-up is also an obstacle in the development of innovation in research funding is not adequate for a multi-year research and implementation of effective business meeting is not yet, "he said. (AVR) 

Published Date : 08-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Ir. Syarifah Iis Aisyah

Keyword : 60 IPB innovation, IPR, and Writing Training Description Search Patents