The Deputy Dean of the IPB Business School was Chosen as the Chairman of the PERHEPI of the Regional Commission of Bogor

The Indonesian Agricultural Economic Association (PERHEPI) Central Executive organizes a National Seminar, National Work Meeting (Rakernas) and the Inauguration of the PERHEPI Committee of the Bogor Regional Commissariat (Komda), Wednesday (13/2) in Bogor. This activity is also in the context of PERHEPI's 50 year golden celebration. The National Seminar was held with the theme of the PERHEPI Role in Nation Building: Reflection and Future Challenges. The keynote speaker at this National Seminar, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bustanul Arifin M.Sc who conveyed the important role of the agricultural sector and the structural transformation of the Indonesian economy. Furthermore, the presentation of the material was discussed by discussants representing various groups, namely: Dr. Ir. Noer Sutrisno (PP PERHEPI Advisory Board), Dr. Ir. Kasan, MM, Alfi Irfan, SE (IPB Young Business / Alumni Practitioner), Dr. Suprehatin, SP, MAB (PERHEPI Muda / IPB Lecturer), with moderator Dr. Tanti Novianti SP, M. Si (Deputy Dean of Resources, Cooperation and Development of the Faculty of Economics and Management / FEM IPB).

On this occasion, Dr. Ir. Idqan Fahmi, MEc, Deputy Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, SB IPB was officially inaugurated as Chairperson of the Bogor Regional Commission PERHEPI for the period 2019 - 2022. In addition, the entire board of advisors and administrators of the Bogor Regional Committee consisting of various academics and practitioners were also officially appointed. Symbolically the General Chairperson of PP PERHEPI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hermanto Siregar, M.Ec, submitted the Decree (SK) and Pataka Flag to the Chairperson of the elected Regional Representative of the Bogor Regional Commission.

Dr. Idqan Fahmi, M.Ec in his short speech shortly after the inauguration delivered several future program plans. "We are planning a program to increase the active involvement of young millenials (PERHEPI Muda), Suara from Bogor: advocating for policy proposals to the government, organizing various seminars and Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and other programs related to national agricultural economic development, especially those that support improvement the welfare of Indonesian farmers, "said Dr. Idqan. PERHEPI Komda Bogor in its initial program will hold a National Seminar: The Quest for Farmers' Welfare: Conceptual and Policy Challenges, where the results of this activity will be a policy paper that will be submitted to the government as a form of concern for PERHEPI to fight for the future of Indonesian farmers. (jhn)

Published Date : 15-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Ir. Bustanul Arifin M.Sc

Keyword : Chairman of PERHEPI, National Seminar, Rakernas, Iqdan Fahmi