P2SDM Trains Young IPB Lecturers On Dealing with the Millennial Generation

IPB University (IPB) has the obligation to nurture lecturers to have teaching skills. This was conveyed by the Director of Program Development and Educational Technology IPB, Ir. Lien Herlina, MSc in Applied Approach Briefing Para Educator / Character in the Human Resource Development Center (P2SDM) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB, in the Campus Baranangsiang, Bogor (11/2).

According to him, teaching is no longer transferring knowledege, today knowledege can be found everywhere. The current demands towards lecturers  is not a figure that only has a lot of knowledge but must have other skills. Content at any time should adjust to what applies in the world of education.

"So, the professor must be creative, productive and innovative in order for the college students to always be using gadgets without becoming robots. Learning techniques have now greatly changed. Especially with the help of technology. What is needed is creativity of the faculty. Techniques can use video, how to extract customized to the subject. Students in the current era have very short focus and attention span, so the learning experience should be as comfortable watching youtube, "he added.

According to him, a teacher must know who and how the behavior of the millennial's. They are very sophisticated in technology so that curiosity should be removed. In helping students in the millennial era, the development of skills or soft skills can be guided by giving an example. Other then that, they should recognize also the potential of students. "Meet them where they are. Educate, do not punish, "he said.

Moreover, millennial's prefer a relaxed learning environment, with minimum pressure, more freedom to complete tasks and also more freedom for expression and personal creativity. Mentors need to create a warm, empathy that there are no wrong answers, as well as collaborative and relaxed environment. "Millennial's are trying to build a personal relationship. They prefer and appreciate instructors who showed a personal interest in their development plans, "he added.

Secretary P2SDM IPB, Warcito, SP, MM convey, through in-house training of this P2SDM, Indonesian young teachers who want to improve the professionalism of teaching Character especially in the millennial era will be accommodated.

In the near future, P2SDM IPB will go to the University of Muhadis Setiabudi, Brebes to fill in-house training Applied Approach / Character for lecturers in these universities. (AVR)

Published Date : 12-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Ir. Lien Herlina, MSc

Keyword : Debriefing The Lecturer Applied Approach, P2SDM, LPPM, Young Lecturer