P2SDM IPB Trains Pemuda Klapanunggal Bogor Regency Welding Skill

Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) in collaboration with Holcim Indonesia, Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Bogor Regency, Propcon Golf Tournament and MultiPro Training Institute train 40 Klapanunggal village youth become a young man who is good at electric welding. Of the 40 participants who participated in the training, they successfully obtained 14 oil and gas standards. For this reason, on February 2, 2019 an Inauguration of the Electric Welding Training was held for the Youth and an English Language Course for Scholarship Recipients in Kelapa Nunggal District.

Warcito, SP, MM, Secretary of P2SDM LPPM IPB said that this was a good collaboration between universities, the private sector, the community and the Klapanunggal District Government. "We don't want this activity to stop at the sub-district level, we want it to be broader to the district," he said.

He added that the participants of Klapanunggal residents were intelligent citizens, proven they were capable and adept at conducting electric welding. In addition, participants who graduated following this technical guidance youth who had just graduated from vocational school in Klapanunggal. So that during the training, participants were not surprised when the company provided electric welding training that was in accordance with company standards. Previously the participants were also trained in entrepreneurship.

"I see the enthusiasm of the participants in carrying out this training very high," he said again. Initially when the recruitment of participants who wanted to attend the training reached 60 people who registered. In the future 14 participants who pass will have the opportunity to open workshops and be given capital. "IPB P2SDM will continue to oversee their activities," he added. (NR)

Published Date : 08-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Warcito, SP, MM

Keyword : P2SDM, LPPM, 40 youth, Klapanunggal village, Welding