Japan Introduces Kikigaki to IPB Students

Kikigaki is one of learning methods for young generation about the knowledge and wisdom of the older generation by researching and documenting it. This activity is done through direct dialogue where the interviewer writes what is said by the interviewee without adding any perspectives from the interviewer. Kikigaki means listen and write.

“This is where the uniqueness of Kikigaki method lies, the readers of Kikigaki work feel as if they are directly listening to the interviewee,” said Nohoko Yoshino from Kyouzon no Mori Network, NGO in Japan when she became the speaker in Kikigaki Seminar held by Directorate of General Competency Education (PPKU) IPB University in IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (2/2).

Kikigaki has been taught annually to 100 high school students in Japan since 2002. It can be applied as the part of literacy education for PPKU IPB students and can also become a part of character education.

“One of the habits of Japanese is writing. This simple habit is very good to be taken example of. It will be meaningful if it is applied continuously,” said Prof. Dr. Toni Bakthiar, S.Si, M.Sc as the Director of PPKU IPB.

With the practice of Kikigaki method, it is expected that PPKU IPB students can increase their empathy to their peers and are also able to explore the uniqueness in their respective regions, so the local wisdom can get exposed and further developed as a process of knowledge capturing for IPB students.

According to Dr. Zaenal Abidin, S.Si, M.Agr as the Assistant Director in Dormitory and Student Affairs of PPKU IPB, as well as Secretary General ofKikigaki Indonesia, Kikigaki was first introduced in Indonesia to the students of Kornita Bogor High School and a High School in Palu and Donggala in 2012 and to the students in Palangkaraya and Gorontalo in 2018. The disasters that occurred in Palu and Donggala in September 2018 made the students of Palu and Donggala unable to attend the Kikigaki Indonesia competition.

Kikigaki not only studies about the local wisdom, this method also can be applied in the humanity level and become an innovation of disaster mitigation education,” said Dr. Ir. Soeryo Adiwibowo, the lecturer of SKPM FEMA IPB.

The event was attended by hundreds of IPB students and dozens of high school students from Gorontalo, Bogor, Palangkaraya, and Donggala-Palu. (CN)

Published Date : 07-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Nahoko Yoshino

Keyword : Kikigaki, Kyuozon no Mori Network, PPKU