IPB and Astra Initiates Synergy in Building Welfare Village

IPB University (IPB) and PT Astra International initiated a partnership in building welfare village. The partnership was ratified on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed by Vice Rector in Partnership and Information System of IPB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, M.Sc, F.Trop, IPU and the Chief of Corporate Affairs PT Astra International Tbk, Pongki Pamungkas, on Tuesday (12/2) in Astra Tower, Jakarta.

The scope of the MoU includes education and trainings, scientific activities, researches, seminars and workshops, community service programs, and improvement and development of human resources. The first program that will be carried out will be the Welfare Village. This program is done as an attempt to improve the welfare of people in the village through empowerment programs, of which purposes is to increase people's income, absorb more labors, share knowledge, and assist entrepreneurship by providing capital.

"Previously, until this day PT Astra has assisted 363 villages all over Indonesia. With this partnership, we target that the number will increase until 500 assisted villages. We hope IPB can participate, especially in agriculture sector, through knowledge sharing by the experts," said Jaka Fernando, Associate of Environment and Social Responsibility (ESR) Division of PT Astra.

Not only Astra-assisted villages, PT Astra is also ready to accelerate the development of villages that have been assisted by IPB. There is also a possibility that the program will accommodate other villages who haven't been in contact with any of the two parties.

IPB Rector, Dr. Arif Satria, who attended in the signing of the MoU stated that this partnership is also in line with IPB's new vision, which is to be a technosocioentrepreneurial university. So, IPB has the obligation not only to produce potential human resources and experts in agriculture, but also to produce graduates with technosociopreneurship.

"We need technosociopreneurs to operate in villages. With technopreneurs, we hope the village will be facilitated with IPB's 4.0-based technology and innovations that will be applied in the communities. Sociopreneurs will help develop entrepreneurship and other social aspects, so that the benefits brought by technology will be felt by the farmers," said IPB Rector.

This partnership, according to IPB Rector, is an extraordinary idea in the collaboration era. Dr. Arif hopes that the Welfare Village program will accelerate the regeneration of farmers, producing technology savvy young farmers with high social awareness, so that villages in Indonesia can become more advanced and prosperous. (Ard)

Published Date : 14-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Pongki Pamungkas

Keyword : Astra, welfare village, MoU, Pongki Pamungkas