Dozens of PTS Lecturers Study Business at Incubie IPB University

A total of 42 lecturers from private universities (PTS) region III Higher Education Service Institutions (LLDikti) who are members of the Association of Independent Entrepreneurs (PWM) study business to the Directorate of Technology Science Area and Business Incubator (KSTIB) IPB University (IPB), ( 2/14). They conducted a comparative study and attended a workshop on the establishment and governance of IPB's Business Incubator (IncuBie).

"In addition, this visit is also an effort to increase the number of students and graduates who are self-employed through the Technology Business Incubator program (IBT) as implied in the strategic policies of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), as well as improving the performance of Entrepreneurship Institutions in Higher Education , "Said the Director of KSTIB, Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah when receiving the group at the IncuBie Multipurpose Room, Baranangsiang IPB University Campus.

Accompanied by Head of Sub Directorate of Business Incubator, Deva Primadia Almada, Spi, MSi and IncuBie management team of IPB University, Dr. Rokhani explained about the concept of Science and Technology Park (STP) and IBT IPB which was under the coordination of the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship. According to him, the development of STP and IBT aims to develop technology-based science in order to encourage the creation of innovative and competitive Technology-Based Beginning Companies (PPBT) to increase regional economic growth.

Meanwhile, the Deva emphasized the importance of developing IBT institutions and best practices for managing incubators. One of the things that was conveyed was about the institution and management of incubators in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 27 of 2013 concerning Entrepreneurial Incubators.

"Business incubator services include seven S, namely: space, share office facilities, skill development, service, support, seed capital and synergy. The companion role is very important for the success of the incubation program, "he added.

On that occasion, the group had the opportunity to visit the Teaching Farm and inwall and outwall tenants at the Dramaga IPB Campus. Some of the inwall tenants visited were saesha mask (a mask from fruits), banduri (processed milkfish), torbangun extract (Asi booster), beet tea, sunmorci (Noni extract), Agrowing, Ecodoe and so on. The last session visit was to the outwall tenant namely Mitra Niaga Indonesia (herbal plant extract) and mr. Brownco (cassava flour brownies).

The group was accompanied by Dr. Suyanto as Chairperson of Regional PWM LLDikti III, Syahidin as Deputy Chairperson II for Business Incubator and Revelation Day Deputy Chairperson of Independent Entrepreneurship Movement (PMW) LLDIKTI Region III.

Representing the group, Syahidin hoped that in the future there would be a sustainable partnership with the Directorate of KSTIB IPB University in order to assist in the establishment and management of business incubators in private universities. [NR]

Published Date : 26-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah

Keyword : Incubie, entrepreneurship, Science Technology Park, business