Climate Is Not a Threat, But Should Be Understood

The climate needs to be understood so that we are able to see the climate not as a threat but as an opportunity that can be exploited and managed properly. This is presented by Dr. Rini Hidayati, Coordinator of the Climatology course from the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology (GFM) Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA), IPB University (IPB) in his inaugural lecture at the Climatology study program Dramaga Campus, Bogor recently. 

"The level of understanding about the climate among Indonesian people in general is very lacking or low. Therefore that the understanding and knowledge about climate needs to be improved both through formal and non-formal education. Catastrophic events, related to the climate, which often happens lately also requires a knowledge of how to manage the environment, including managing the climate, "She said. 

According to her, understanding of the climate does not necessarily mean that we must become experts of the climate,  but rather to provide a foundation of knowledge in decision-making in a variety of activities that influence the climate today and in the future. Hopefully, the understanding of  climate that students accept can be equipped to students after graduation and in their work in their respective fields. 

In this initial study, 850 students of IPB get an introduction to climate, climate data analysis including preparing for climate information can be applied to related fields. The teaching team presented a background on climatology, meteorology, agrometeorology and hydrometeorology so that the material presented is able to give an overview of climate benefits in areas such as agriculture, forestry, agriculture, water resources management, environment and other fields, including social and economic fields. 

"In addition, we also invite teachers from outside, both national and international, as a guest lecturer who is able to give a different perspective on the use of climate science in various fields," she said. (AVR) 

Published Date : 21-Feb-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Rini Hidayati

Keyword : Rini Hidayati, climate, GFM IPB, Faculty