Upgrade the Tenant Capacity, IPB Start-up Partnership was Set Up

In order to reinforce the appearance of entrepreneur and increase the tenant capacity, Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University collaborated with PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) were setting up IPB Start-up Partnership 2019 in Gedung TechnosNet, IPB Baranangsiang on Sunday (9/12). This event was aimed to elevate the interest and capacity of tenant on developing business as well as socializing about BRILink Xpress Program to develop start-ups for IPB university’s students and alumni. 


During his speech, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria as the rector of IPB University, shared that start-ups had distributed on delivering the future leader candidates, hence those kept receiving supports from society. He explained that in order to be success, students must be creative and innovative, also orientated for future practice, not best practice.


“STP IPB University is a crucial instrument to assist the downstream of research and innovation products in IPB University, by connecting the investors, start-ups, technology, and industry, therefore innovative products that are needed by markets can be created,” Prof. Arif emphasized. 


The director of STP IPB University, Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah, explained this event was vital to develop start-ups in Indonesia. “The government has set target to achieve 3,500 developing start-ups in Indonesia. The universities in Indonesia were requested to support the program. IPB University, as the most productive university to create innovations, has initiate the formation of 3.46 Ha area of Science Techno Park (STP) in Taman Kencana, Bogor to accommodate any research, development, and business incubation activities, also technology transfers to develop and encourage the growth of sustainable economy,” he said.


The services given by STP IPB University including: technical services (demonstration training, technical consultation, business information), technological upgrading (graphic design, prototype, Intellectual Wealth Rights management (HKI), technological transfer office, business incubation (technological support, business management, promotion and marketing, financial facilitation), and supporting services (Maklon service production, research and development industry, label design and packaging, office room, conference/seminar room), thence STP IPB University had opened the opportunities to industries, banks, practitioners, tenants/tenant candidates, and all society to collaborate.


Dhanardono, the vice director of social entrepreneurship division of central Bank BRI, stated that BRI along with IPB University were ready to assist the development of university students and alumni’s start-ups by way of training programs, finance and business assistance, and one of it through BRILink Xpress program.


“This program is a movement to create Xpress entrepreneurs for university graduated students to rebuild their villages by the support of Bank BRI. The program also supported the appearance of any professional and competitive entrepreneurs, created loyal BRILink agents, and was aimed to help any local people to advance the local economy,” Agus Suprapto, the vice director of BRILink division of central Bank BRI, added.


The IPB Start-up Partnership was attended by 100 participants from tenant, IPB University’s students and alumni’s start-ups from any business fields, the directors of Bank BRI, also all management team of STP IPB University. The event was enlivened by the attendance of BRI representative, business practitioners (iGrow and Formula Bisnis Indonesia) and successful STP IPB University’s tenant alumni, which are Agrisocio and Ecode, as speakers.


Regarding the draft and implementation of business incubation program, Primadia Almada as head of sub-rectorate of Business Incubator STP IPB University, said that tenants with 1-3 years incubation and accelerated business programs, or any businessman who had partnered up with STP IPB University, should boost the development of their business. The start-ups and start-up candidates were required to note the “3 Fit”, stands for Problem-Solution Fit, Business-Founder Fit, and Product-Market Fit, to develop their businesses.


The collaboration between all stakeholders, which are academicians, businessmen, governors, was essential factor to achieve excellent function of STP IPB University, for its role to support governmental programs. As stated in Government Regulation Number 106 Years 2017 regarding the Region of Science and Technology, STP IPB University was aimed to develop and utilize sciences and technologies to reinforce the economic growth. The existence of STP IPB University was hoped to create innovative ecosystem and finally able to develop any new innovative, independent, and competitive start-ups. (IAAS/AKD)


Keyword: STP IPB, startup, business, business acceleration


Published Date : 11-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : STP IPB, startup, business, business acceleration