Talk about SDGs, ESL IPB Invite Lecturers from Japan

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are currently a hot topic and many institutions have intensified the program. SDGs are global action plans aimed at ending poverty, reducing inequality, and protecting the environment. In this regard, the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management (ESL FEM), IPB University held a public lecture that presented a Guest Lecturer from Japan on Wednesday (12/12) at the ESL Mawar Room, Faculty of Economics and Management Building, the Dramaga IPB campus, Bogor.


This activity is one of a series of activities of the ESL Sustanability Expo 2019. An event that aims to show the achievements of the ESL FEM IPB University academic community and related study programs. "There are several activities in this series, one of which is we invite several lecturers to share here in order to increase capacity and add insightful information related to sustainability," said Dr. Meti Ekayani, SHut, MSc, IPU, Secretary of the ESL Department.


This public lecture presented two professors from Hiroshima University, namely Prof. Shinji Kaneko, Director of the International Environmental Cooperation Center, Hiroshima University, and Prof. Masaru Ichihashi, Professor of Economics, Hiroshima University, Japan. Prof. Shinji Kaneko on this occasion delivered about the Japanese Experience of Industrial Air Pollution Control in the 70s: Pollution Control Agreements in Large Cities.


The topic discussion began with a video screening from the Guest Lecturer which explained the beginnings and effects of environmental pollution that hit Japan and the creation of agreement to control pollution. Prof. Shinji Kaneko also explained about Japan's efforts to overcome the problem of pollution on the environment that occurred in the 1970s.


As the closing of the public lecture, Prof. Dr. Ir Yusman Syaukat, M.Ec, ESL IPB University Lecturer concluded that Japan was one of the countries that succeeded in overcoming and controlling pollution with simple regulations in the 1970s.


"That can be a learning experience and additional insights. Considering this time the era is growing, the problems are getting bigger and more complex, so more efforts are needed to protect the environment. We as a society are also obliged to protect the environment, "said Prof. Yusman Syaukat. (IAAS/YN)


Keywords: ESL IPB, Sustainable Development Goals, Japan


Published Date : 16-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Yusman Syaukat

Keyword : ESL IPB, Sustainable Development Goals, Japan