Six IPB University Students Thesis Examination at Adelaide University

Delegation from the Department of Economics together with the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Prof. Nunung Nuryartono, paid a working visit to Adelaide University, Australia, (2-6 / 12). The visit was related to the master level Split Site (S2) program that was pioneered by the Department of Economics since 2012 and continues today. Prof. Nunung Nuryartono stated that the collaboration would be developed in a broader direction, not only limited to the master's program, but also to doctoral and bachelor programs.

According to the Chairperson of the Department of Economics, Dr. Sahara, the program is a collaboration between four institutions namely IPB University, The University of Adelaide, Australia Awards and various agencies in Indonesia starting from the Ministry of Trade (in 2012 and 2013) which in later years continued with the Aceh Regional Government, and the Central Statistics Agency.

"The main purpose of this visit is to hold a thesis examination for six students involved in the split site master program, the development of educational cooperation at the undergraduate (S1) and doctoral level (S3) and the development of research collaboration," he said.

Dr. Sahara further explained that the students who took the program took one year of study at the Department of Economics plus one year at Adelaide University. At the beginning of this December the six students had completed all lecture activities in Adelaide which were then continued with a trial examination. The trial examination was attended by all supervisory commissions, main examiners and representatives of the study program.

Related to the supervisory commission, at the split site master program, the Department of Economics applies a joint supervisors system (one supervisor from Adelaide University and one supervisor from IPB University). There are five mentors from Indonesia, namely: Prof. Nunung Nuryartono, Dr. Sahara, Dr. Lukytawati Anggraini, Dr. Tony Irawan and Dr. Dedi Budiman Hakim. The supervisors from Adelaide University are: Associate Professor Mandar Oak, Dr. Eran Binenbaurn, Dr. Raul Baretto, and Dr., Nadezhda Baryshnikova.

In addition to conducting a thesis examination, on the working visit an evaluation of the split site program was also carried out by holding discussions between the two parties, the students participating in the program and the School of Economics. On this occasion there were some input from students related to the implementation of the program.

Head of the School of Economics, Adelaide University, Dr. Gareth Myles, stated that they were very satisfied with the performance of students sent from the Department of Economics and were very hopeful that the program could continue in the future.

Furthermore, the Delegation of the Department of Economics also held a meeting with the Faculty of Profession (the faculty that oversees the School of Economics).

According to Dr. Sahara, the Department of Economics received a mandate from the chancellor to open international classes. Therefore, the existence of reputable university partners abroad is needed. The proposal was welcomed by the Faculty of Profession.

In addition to education, collaboration in the field of research also continues to be developed through meetings with Prof. Wendy Umberger, the Executive Director of the Center for Global Food & Resources, Adelaide University. Prof. Wendy stated that the research collaboration between Adelaide University and IPB University had lasted a long time and would continue to be developed in the future. In the near future there will be a new collaboration related to improving the quality of milk commodities in Indonesia. (NR)

Published Date : 06-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : Thesis Mahasiswa, Ilmu Ekonomi, IPB University, Adelaide