Seameo Biotrop Set Up an Exposure Promotion

Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (Seameo Biotrop) had set up an Exposure Promotion on Wednesday (4/12). This event was held to build a collaboration with mass media to spread out information regarding SEAMEO BIOTROP, especially on research activities, human-development programs, and information dissemination about tropical biology. It was attended by 33 reporters, 31 local and national mass medias, to participate actively during the event.


Dr. Irdika Mansur, MForSc, the director of SEAMEO BIOTROP, presented a promotion program and SEAMEO BIOTROP programs 2019-2020. “These last 50 years, tropical biology issues have developed dynamically and rapidly. SEAMEO BIOTROP established Five-Years Development Plan (FYDP) to maintain relevancy of the program to regional necessities. During the 10th FYDP (2017-2022), SEAMEO BIOTROP has set its visions as front focus to promote and enrich tropical biology values in Southeast Asia region,” emphasized this IPB University’s lecturer from Forestry Faculty.


Dr. Irdika shared further that SEAMEO BIOTROP had set three Payung Programs, which are restoration on degraded ecosystem, sustainable management on land ecosystem that has been used intensively, and sustainable conservation and utilization on high diversity land ecosystem. “This means, those three main SEAMEO BIOTROP programs during July 2017 until June 2022 must be executed based on its visions, missions, and Three Payung Programs that has been set,” he said. (*/ris) (IAAS/AKD)


Published Date : 05-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dr Irdika Mansur, MForS