N-PoEu: Antiseptic Medicine for Healing Wounds from Wasp Nests Brings IPB University Students to Win 2nd Place at LKTIN

Another brilliant achievement was inscribed by students of IPB University in the National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN). Two students of the Vocational School (SV) IPB University, Dody Armando and Susi Susanti from the Environmental Engineering and Management study program won 2nd place in the 2019 National Level LKTI Agribusiness Festival, at the end of November organized by the Agricultural Socio-Economic Student Association, Faculty of Agriculture, Sriwijaya University .

Both of them proposed the N-PoEu innovation, an innovation made from natural ointments from transporting wasp nests (Eummenes Coarcatus), virgin coconut oil (VCO) and bee wax (bee waxs).

"N-PoEu is actually an abbreviation of the word Nature and PoEu comes from the words Potter and Eumennes. "N-PoEu is actually an ointment based on transporting wasps' nests added with VCO and beeswax which we tried out on white mice," said Dody Armando.

Using wasp nests as a basic ingredient, not without reason. The selection of wasp nests is because the transport wasp nests have benefits and are based on local wisdom. Javanese people use this wasp nest as a medicine in healing wounds in children after circumcision.

"Actually, this wasp nest is often regarded as a nuisance because every time it makes a nest, it always carries lumps of soil that are usually attached to the walls of the house and are considered as dirt. But in Javanese society, with its local wisdom, this wasp nest has the benefit of being a cure for wounds in newly circumcised children," explained Dody.

Proving the benefits as a cure for circumcision wounds, the two students conducted laboratory tests to determine their contents. Based on the results of laboratory tests that have been carried out, the content contained in transporting wasp nests is an antimicrobial substance.

"Based on laboratory tests using the Kirby-baure method that has been carried out, the content contained in transported wasp nests is an antimicrobial substance. This antimicrobial substance is derived from the saliva of the wasp of the transports. This is supported by the study of literature that is according to Khoiriyah (2015) that the transport wasp nests come from clay which can provide a cool effect. In addition, the contents contained in the transport wasps' nests are zinc, sponge, and iron. The content can play an active role in wound healing and can be used as an antiseptic," added Dody.

The natural ingredients used in making this ointment, make N-PoEu has several advantages. The advantages of N-PoEu are smaller side effects, basic ingredients are easy to obtain, accelerate healing of external wounds and have the principle of 3E which is effective, efficient and economical.

"It is hoped that in the future it can be tested on humans and more variants of their product forms. Liquid products have the potential to be developed," said Dody. (NR)

Keyword; Sarang Tawon Angkut-transport, Ointment Luka, N-PoEu, 2nd Place LKTI Agribusiness Festival, IPB University Vocational School

Published Date : 09-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dody Armando

Keyword : Sarang Tawon Angkut-transport, Ointment Luka, N-PoEu, 2nd Place LKTI Agribusiness Festival, IPB University Vocational School