Lecturer Serving IPB University Present at Bogor Reading Shop

Through the Dedicated Lecturer Program, the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University is present at Ruko Baca, Jalan Achmad Adnawijaya No. 18 Bumi Indraprasta Bogor, (30/11). Present as a lecturer serving IPB University, Dra. Tatie Soedewo, MA from the Department of Communication Science and Community Development (SKPM), Faculty of Human Ecology with English Language and Literature Expertise. There are around 30 elementary school (SD) students who take part in learning from grade 1 to grade 5. They come from SDN Kawung Luwuk, SDN Papandayan, SDIT Alkautsar and SDN Gunung Gede.

The Dedicated Lecturer Program is an activity carried out by IPB University lecturers in the context of community service for the development, dissemination of science and technology for the welfare of the nation.

"As a teacher, I want to see the nation's children succeed and progress. With a culture of learning and reading, especially learning English, this will help elementary school children to improve science. "Even from learning and reading, In Syaa Allah, children will be able to realize their ideals," he concluded.

Dra Tatik added, this time the English learning theme was adjusted to the age of elementary school children. Like the introduction of the body ie hands, feet, hair, face and others. There is also an introduction to various types of animals in English and self-recognition such as the introduction of parents, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, siblings, besides that the children are also given exercises to practice their learning better.

"Reading shop as a reading park is an oasis in the midst of arid life. This Reading Shop is access for underprivileged children to get quality books and can learn well. Educating the life of the nation can be realized in a simple way. IPB University has a big contribution to fill, develop and help the people of this city of Bogor. Hopefully with this dedicated lecturer serving elementary school children who are unable to feel and enjoy that they can feel the same as children who are able, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Ruko Ruko Management, Ir H Surjaman said that the Ruko Ruko is a place that is used as a public library, community service activities and social activities. The programs in Ruko Baca are held free of charge and are an effort to help educate the community with the hope that their success will, in turn, spread the spirit to others, especially the poor.

"Roko Baca was established to build independent human beings with a creative national vision and noble character. Organizing a free public library as a means for generations who love to read, like to tell stories, like to write, and like to learn in achieving success in the future, "he added.
According to him, the support and assistance from IPB University in the program of serving lecturers are very helpful, especially for children who cannot afford to be able to study well and can increase the child's knowledge towards glorious achievement. (AVR)

Keywords: Lecturer Serving IPB University, Reading Shop, Educating Children of the Nation in Bogor City Center, English.

Published Date : 03-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dra. Tatie Soedewo, MA

Keyword : Lecturer Serving IPB University, Reading Shop, Educating Children of the Nation in Bogor City Center, English.