Lecturer at the Vocational School of IPB University Initiated a Sharia-Based Cooperative in Neglasari

The Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University sent two lecturers from the Vocational School of the Agribusiness Management Study Program and a facilitator to carry out community service activities in the villages around the campus of IPB University. Through the Dedicated Lecturer program, Dr. Ir Anita Ristianingrum, MSi and Dr. Ir Dahri Tanjung, MSi accompanied by LPPM facilitators Tika Mazda, SKPm, carry out community service activities in Neglasari Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

They carried out socialization and literacy on product marketing strategies and sources of capital financing to the Neglasari Village Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) group. This activity was attended by dozens of villagers from several business groups and the Women Farmers Group (KWT). In fact, there were some participants who came from villagers next to the village Neglasari.

Based on data from in-depth interviews conducted by the LPPM facilitator to several village communities. Found the potential for the development of local products owned by local residents, namely the business of banana chips, cassava chips, handicrafts made from patchwork and other products.

Responding to this, the Chairperson of Posdaya Sabilulungan Neglasari Village, Onasih added that the potential contained in Neglasari village was also followed by the emergence of problems related to off-farm activities.

"Most Neglasari residents carry out business activities such as food stalls, making chips and handicrafts. But the residents sell their products to the stalls the most because they don't have a label yet and don't have a target market either,” said Onasih

Onasih hopes that this Dedicated Lecturer activity can bring new enthusiasm to make Neglasari Village and its citizens become entrepreneurial villages with various types of superior village products, so that the community can be independent and there is an increase in the economy for villagers.

This activity consisted of two material delivery sessions. The first material session was delivered by Dr. Ir Dahri Tanjung with the title of the material, "Smart Choosing SME Business Financing Sources". In delivering the material, the residents were very enthusiastic about asking a number of questions related to the strategy of choosing their business financing sources.

According to one participant, Sri confirmed that most Neglasari residents made loans for venture capital from lending institutions that acted as cooperatives. However, the loan interest is often not appropriate. For this reason, Dr Dahri urged Neglasari villagers to be selective in choosing institutions that offer loans with instant and fast conditions because it is feared that residents will fall into and unwanted things happen.

"We and the team are ready to foster if the Neglasari people want to form a sharia cooperative. I also hope that service activities like today can continue, if necessary IPB University students also need to be involved," said Dr. Dahri.

The second session was the presentation of material on MSME product marketing strategies by Dr. Ir Anita Ristianingrum, MSi. According to the Head of the Agribusiness Management Study Program, the marketing strategy of an MSME product can be done by determining product excellence, market prices, target markets and product promotion activities.

"We will conduct training on making local product labels or brands that are managed by village community groups. It is true that this kind of activity is not only with the delivery of material, but practice must also be included. The lecturer team and students from the Agribusiness Management Study Program of IPB University Vocational School are ready to help the community for practical activities that are needed," he explained. (NR)


Keyword: Syariah Cooperative, Neglasari Village, Lecturer Serving, LPPM IPB University


Published Date : 06-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Tika Mazda

Keyword : Syariah Cooperative, Neglasari Village, Lecturer Serving, LPPM IPB University