IPB University Vocational School Dean Becomes a Keynote Speaker in Front of Investors

Dr Arief Daryanto, Dean of IPB University Vocational School was asked to be a keynote speaker in "Investor Gathering" by Bizcom Indonesia held last November, in Peacock Lounge, Fairmont Hotel Senayan. This event was attended by business owners, investors, bankers, professionals, start-up founders, SME owners and self employed people.


The theme discussed in this event is "Investment Prospect in Livestock Industry". In this occasion, Dr Arief Daryanto expresses that businesses in the livestock industry especially poultry is currently very promising

"The poultry industry is in "Expansionary Mode On" or a time of development and expansion. Asian poultry industry growth is exceptional, with countries like Indonesia in the forefront of poultry industry expansion," he claims.


The source of growth in Indonesia’s poultry industry can be attributed to population growth, urbanization, increasing buying power of the middle class, shifts in consumption from “staple foods” to higher valued commodity (meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits). Aside from that, prices of chicken is the most affordable animal protein and this supports the food security infrastructure (availability, affordability, acquisition, utilization and food safety/quality).


Moreover, with recent coop technology in modern closed house, farm productions are more productive and efficient than ever. Consumers appreciate the importance of better poultry product marketing, especially in characteristics regarding quality, consistency, differentiation, segmentation and convenience.

Although the prospect of the poultry industry is promising, there are challenges that need to faces in the industry. Part of which is the globalization of industries, rarity of resources, animal right issues, global climate change issues, oversupply, price instability, threats from imports, high costing feed, inconsistency of quality feed supply, quality standard in managing poultry farm.

In his presentation, Dr Arief Daryanto also states that learning from exporting nations experiences, the existence of businesses leaning towards exporting can help in creating competitive commodities such as processed chicken meat. International level companies integrate economies of scale, economies of scope and continuous innovation to achieve a guaranteed level of quality in all the supply chain and differentiated products with the lowest cost possible.

 “To create simultaneous and equal growth, partnership between big companies and small scaled farmers need to be intensified to ensure continued increase in quality so it will benefit and enlarge all businesses involved,” he asserts. (IAAS/RCD)


Keyword: Dr Arief Daryanto, Vocational School Dean, IPB University, Farm


Published Date : 23-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Arif Daryanto

Keyword : Dr Arief Daryanto, Vocational School Dean, IPB University, Farm