IPB University Physics Department Visits Academics to UniMAP, Malaysia

In accordance with its mission, the Department of Physics of IPB University has an annual agenda to conduct visits to several advanced universities in Southeast Asia. On 15-16 December 2019, delegates from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), IPB University visited the Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Kangar, Malaysia.


According to the Chairperson of the Department of Physics, Dr. Akhiruddin, UniMAP is very advanced in material science research, especially nanomaterials and nanoelectronics, the results of which have been widely published in reputable journals and have QS Global World Ranking # 701-750.


This visit aims to initiate collaboration opportunities in several fields, especially nanomaterial and nanoelectronic research. UniMAP was chosen as a destination university by considering the rapid progress experienced by UniMAP in the field of research although it is still relatively young in Malaysia, the indication is the rapid increase in the number of international publications in a short time. This visit is focused on the UniMAP Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE) with consideration of the suitability of the field of study developed at the Department of Physics of IPB University, namely nanomaterials and nanoelectronics including biosensors, "said Dr Akhiruddin.


Dr. Akhiruddin hoped, with the academic visit to UniMAP, the foreign cooperation of the Department of Physics of IPB University could be further increased and had a positive impact on the progress of the Department of Physics of IPB University. The follow-up of this trip will include education and research collaboration between the two institutions in the form of Visiting Lectures, Student Exchange or Dual Degree.


The IPB University lecturer was accompanied by Dr. Tony Ibnu Sumaryada (Secretary of the Physics Department), Dr. Mersi Kurniati (Chair of the Biophysics Masters Study Program), Dr. Kiagus Dahlan (Chair of the Biophysics Division), Dr. Irzaman (Applied Physics Division), and Dr. Sitti Yani (Biophysics Division) . The visit was begun by attending an invitation to the 2019 Nanotechnology and Biosensor Colloquium held at the Seri Malaysia Hotel Hall, Kangar.


This colloquium is a routine agenda of the UniMAP Institute of Nano Electronics Engineering which is held every year. The Colloquium presented several speakers from universities in Malaysia and from outside Malaysia who advanced in the field of nanotechnology and biosensors, including from the Nationality University of Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), and Xiamen University (China ). On this occasion discussed the latest research conducted at each university, open discussion, and opportunities for cooperation between institutions.


The visit continued with a meeting with Prof. Dr. Uda Hashim (Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) of UniMAP). Prof. Uda received a delegation from the Department of Physics of IPB University in his office in the KWSP Building. UniMAP is still a young university that was established in 2002 but has outperformed several "old" universities in Malaysia in the number of reputable international journals. "Our research is focused on solving problems found in the surrounding environment by using simple methods and doing as much innovation as possible so that products produced from university-level research can be commercialized and accepted by industry and markets," said Prof. Uda Hashim. On this occasion, Prof. Uda was grateful for the visit of the delegation from the Department of Physics of IPB University and opened up opportunities for cooperation in the field of nanomaterial science and its applications, especially biosensors.


At the end of the trip, IPB University Physics Lecturer visited the Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering (INEE) and Lab. Clean Room which develops nano technology and has produced several products that have been marketed. This laboratory contains nanoelectronic manufacturing and characterization tools that use high technology. Besides visiting the Institute of Nano Electronic and Engineering (INEE) and the UniMAP Clean Room Lab, a delegation from the Department of Physics of IPB University also visited the UniMAP modern library called the Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Library. This library is designed very majestically and in a modern style with different themes on each floor. The room design adjusts to the times that can attract millennial students to increase their literacy in this library. The facilities prepared at this library are very diverse, one of which is MAKERSPACE which is a space of creativity for students and visitors, this facility inspires the Department of Physics to be developed at IPB University. (IAAS/NAS)


Keywords: Universiti Malaysia Perlis, nanotechnology, IPB University Physics department, IPB University lecturer


Published Date : 27-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dr Akhiruddin

Keyword : Universiti Malaysia Perlis, nanotechnology, IPB University Physics department, IPB University lecturer