IPB University Intensifies Collaboration with KOICA for Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Environmental Management

Partnership between IPB University and KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Indonesia results in a plan to develop a Green-Bio Instrumentation Center in IPB University for high quality research. The implementation of this collaboration is planned for expected span of 7 (seven) years, starting from 2021. Training programs, scholarship grants, and development of research laboratories are part of the planned projects stemming from this collaboration. While for KOICA, this collaboration is part of the Republic of Korea’s Strategic Plan for developing countries.


KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Indonesia and IPB University commit to a collaboration through higher education. KOICA Indonesia’s Country Director asserts that this collaboration is part of the Republic of Korea’s strategic plan for developing countries such as Indonesia. This statement is supported by the arrival of KOICA’s president to several universities in Indonesia in the beginning of March 2019. As a follow up to the committed support of universities in Indonesia, KOICA’s team of experts performed a feasibility study on December 2019. This study was carried out in two universities in Indonesia, which were IPB University and University of Indonesia. These two universities were chosen to initiate collaboration of the education sector between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia.


During the feasibility study, KOICA’s team undertook discussions with numerous stakeholders of universities, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Agriculture, and related stakeholders from other ministries and research centers in Jakarta and Bogor. The result of this feasibility study was developed in detail on the survey implementation which will be performed in the end of 2020, while also pushing forward the agreement between both parties. In IPB University, KOICA plans to develop a Green-Bio Instrumentation Center with high quality research. This center aims to improve analytic capacities in the scientific field and in environmental management of IPB University’s human resource and researchers from other institutions. Besides this center, the collaboration also extends to the PhD program of IPB University’s Graduate School in International Agricultural Technology and both short-term and medium-term training programs to be held in the Republic of Korea. The implementation is planned for expected span of 7 (seven) years, starting from 2021. KOICA will partner with Seoul National University for the collaboration implementation, specifically in the field of Agriculture.


The benefits gained from this collaboration will not only be received by IPB University, but also researchers of Indonesian ministries and research centers working in the field of Agriculture. They will be involved in training projects, both short term and medium term. Besides training programs, various opportunities are available, such as scholarship grants for IPB University’s academic resource (lecturers, staff, and researchers) to enroll in a doctorate program specializing in Agriculture, be it short or medium term.

Published Date : 20-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : Korea, IPB, Kerjasama