IPB University Collaborates with PT Soho Industri Pharmasi to develop Cat Mustache Drink

IPB University collaborated with PT Soho Industry Pharmasi to develop functional drinks from cat whiskers plant extracts. The signing of the Cooperation Agreement (SPK) was done by the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship of IPB University, Prof. Erika B Lakoni and the Director of PT. Soho Pharmaceutical Industry, Raphael Aswin Susilowidodo. The event was held in the Science Techno Park (STP) area, Campus of IPB Taman Kencana, Bogor.


In his remarks, Prof. Erika said that this collaboration was a step forward for the development of higher education researchers' innovation towards product commercialization.


Previously in a business gathering, the Minister of Research and Technology / National Research Agency, Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro said that in the future research results are not limited to the development of science or producing graduates. Not limited to producing journals, but research must be enjoyed by the community through collaboration with industry. "This cooperation is not only direct production, but there is a stage of joint innovation development. Hopefully this collaboration will have a positive impact and impact, "said Prof. Bambang.


Related to this collaboration, the Director of PT. Soho Pharmasi Industry, Raphael Aswin said his gratitude for the opportunity of collaborating with IPB University. "PT. Soho has been established since 1946. At present the focus is on developing natural herbal-based products. In developing its products, PT. Soho Industri Pharmasi carries out an open innovation, and collaboration strategy. We have also given royalties to institutions, both universities and research institutions, "he explained.


Furthermore Raphael said, with IPB University his company had a lot of cooperation before. "Temulawak plantation cooperation in Sukabumi is 12 hectares. Initially in collaboration with IPB University, the Center for Biopharmaca Studies. In the future, we hope there will be more collaboration with IPB University. We are currently also doing some collaboration, because in the pharmaceutical industry there must be clinical trials, while we don't build clinical trial laboratories, so we collaborate, "he explained.


In the future we hope there will be more cooperation, even better. In developing a product there must be joint development. It would be better if the collaboration begins with a shared idea. As is known in the pharmaceutical industry is high regulation. From the safety point of view, we don't want consumers to only be given promises, apparently they have not been proven to be of efficacy, so claims have to have really evidence bases, "he said.


Related to this collaboration, IPB University innovator, Prof. Hanny Wijaya expressed his pride that this product will be developed in collaboration with IPB University with PT. Soho.


As an innovator, Prof. Hanny said, "Often the industry does not want cooperation because they do not see the product of innovation. This innovation is the result of research pro Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP). This innovation is the first to institutionally collaborate with industry, "said this IPB University lecturer. (IAAS/NAS)


Keywords: Cat's whiskers, functional drinks, Prof. Hanny Wijaya, IPB University, IPB University lecturers


Published Date : 27-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof Erika B Lakoni

Keyword : Cat's whiskers, functional drinks, Prof. Hanny Wijaya, IPB University, IPB University lecturers