IPB Univeristy’s Vocational School Lecturer Accompanies UMKM in Cimahpar

IPB University’s Body of Research and Community Serving (LPPM) held a Dosen Mengabdi program, located in Kelurahan Cimahpar, North Bogor, 25/11. Lecturers serving in Cimahpar are Sazli Tutur Risyahadi, STP, MT, MSi and Hendri Wijaya, STP, MSi from Vocational School Industry Management Programme of Study. This activity is focused on maintenance that can be done in tapioca flour milling production systems on small to medium sized businesses (UMKM) located in RW 04 of Kelurahan Cimahpar. This effort is done by applying lean production to reduce waste in milling productions.


This accompanying form of community service program is done in two steps. The first step is done through interviews and direct observation of production processes to identify wasting with steam mapping approach. This method is hoped to understand the flow of production from raw materials into a product in the mill.


 “From the first step we can create ideas. In the next step, those ideas which are most plausible are implemented to reduce wasting in production process,” Sazli says.


This community service program involves eight students. According to Sazli, this is done to allow more creation of ideas through brainstorming in the application of lean systems. “I am very happy to be involved in this program because this facilitates direct application of what I have learned in classes,” says Sifa, a senior student joining the community service program

 “This program is very helpful for students in enriching the learning experience while accompanied partners can increase business productivity. Because, the best kind of knowledge is one that can benefit the people and the community. This program needs to be continued with varied models of community service such as accompaniment, advocation to marketing of UMKM products,” Sazli expresses


According to Yum the mill owner, this program needs to continued. Suggestions he received to increase product quality is application of a standard operational procedure in every step of production. A key feature in good quality product is a clean white color of flour. This affects selling price to tapioca flour collecting factories in Pasar Ciluar, Bogor.


A visit by the two chaperones was attended by IPB Universitys LPPM’s Vice Chairman of community service , Prof Dr Sugeng Heri Suseno. He appreciates this form of community service done by doing and also involving students. He also delivers material on use of chitosan as an UMKM natural preservative material. (IAAS/RCD)


Keyword: IPB Lecturer, SV IPB.


Published Date : 13-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Sugeng Heri Suseno

Keyword : IPB Lecturer, SV IPB