IPB Expands Partnership with Strategic Partners in Japan

IPB University, represented by Rector, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, expands partnerships with multiple universities in Japan. The strategic partners are namely Kyoto University, Osaka University, and Nara Institute of Science and Technology. These partnerships include projects with IPB University’s Science and Technology Park, student exchanges, interdisciplinary research for Indonesia’s commodities, the attainment of insights into Agriculture 4.0 in Japan, and many more. Prof. Anas Miftah Fauzi also was granted “The Global Alumni Fellow” of Osaka University.


IPB University expands partnerships with strategic partners in Japan. This partnership was strengthened by Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria when visiting Japan on 27-29 November 2019. This visit was intended to extend the previously established partnership between IPB University and strategic partners in Japan. The strategic partners are, among others, Kyoto University, Osaka University, and Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). IPB University have been extensively working on collaboration in research, education, and development of the university’s human resource capacity.  The visit started off by meetings with several higher education institution partners which attended the QS Apple 2019 at FICC, Fukuoka. After the event, IPB University’s Rector, accompanied by the Dean of IPB University’s Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Anas M Fauzi, visited Kita Kyushu Science and Research Park to instate a partnership with IPB University’s Science and Technology Park which facilitates the downstream of research and innovation, and Academician, Business, and Government collaborations. This collaboration opens opportunities for student exchanges to Kyushu University.  On the second day of his visit, IPB University’s Rector visited Nara University. He was welcomed directly by the President of NAIST, Prof. Naokazu Yokoya. Besides discussing graduate research projects carried out by IPB University’s young staff member partaking in doctoral program, the strengthening of interdisciplinary research of Indonesia’s exceptional commodities was also proposed.


The commodities which are mainly produced in Indonesia are seaweed, palm oil, and many more. In this case, the integration of bioscience abilities, material science, and information science are agreed upon to be the interdisciplinary study platform to create value from those commodities. In Kyoto University, the Rector of IPB University was officially welcomed by the Executive President of Kyoto University, Prof. Kayo Inaba, Representatives of the Smart Farming and Robotics in Agriculture, Prof. Kondo and Prof. Iida, and the Graduate School Dean of Agriculture, Prof. Murakami. One of the goals of IPB University during this visit was to gain insights of Agriculture 4.0 in Japan, especially the prospective use of Agri-Robots. This goal was made in consideration of Indonesia’s low manpower in the field of Agriculture. In a further discussion, IPB University and Kyoto University will also expand their partnership through the Center of SEA Studies in the field of social gender integration in agriculture. Besides the two mentioned universities, Osaka University was also part of the visit. Prof. Dr. Arif Satria was directly welcomed by the Executive Vice President of Osaka University, Dr. Genta Kawahara. Before this meeting, Prof. Satria had discussed with research groups working in metabolomic studies, led by Prof. Fukusaki, which had published various results in metabolomic research partnerships with IPB University.


These researches included Indonesian commodities such as tempe, eggplant, and mangosteen. During this occasion, we are humbled that Prof. Anas M. Fauzi as Dean of Graduate School of IPB University is granted “The Global Alumni Fellow” of Osaka University. Prof. Satria also toured the laboratory facility, accompanied by the Indonesian Embassy’s Attaché Office of Education and Culture representatives, Dr. Alinda Zain. Also present in the company were the Director of International Program, Prof. Iskandar Z. Siregar, the Head of Public Nutrition Department, Dr. Sri Anna Marliyati, and the Secretary of Natural and Environmental Resources Management Doctoral Program, Dr. Lina Karlinasari.

Published Date : 22-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB Expands Partnership, Strategic Partners, Japan