Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Teach the Preschool Teachers on how to Manage Statistics Data

Cici Suhaeni, lecturer from Statistics Department,Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) teach the methods to manage statistics data to teachers and staffs of administration in TK Agriananda, IPB University Dramaga, Bogor (28/11). The Activity that Cici did is a part of the Program of Dosen Mengabdi which is held by Community Research and Development Institute (LPPM) IPB University. Dosen Mengabdi is an activity of non Professor and Lecturer Professor of IPB University as an action on dedication to community for the development of science diffusion and technology for national welfare. 

On this chance, Cici explained about the utilization of statistics science for enhance the service of TK Agriananda. On her opinion, the knowledge of utilization of statistic and the skills to analyze the data, so it can be use as the effort to improve the service’s quality of TK Agriananda. She added, there are 3 things that are sticks to the data, there are how to collect it, how to analyze and how to interpret it.  

“Every activities of man create many data that can be manage by statistic science. How to collect the data itself is to administratively in the forms of ecordings or administrative note, surveys in the forms of questionnaire, experiments and observation.” She said.

On the same time, Cici is explained about how to collect data related to TK Agriananda needs to increase the service’s quality of TK Agriananda. Collecting data on administratively came from the managerial data. Collecting data by observation and experiment came from child’s growth and development data. Collecting data by administratively, observation and experiment came from the academic data. Collecting data by survey came from the perception of parents.

Pada sesi pelatihan analisis data, peserta secara langsung diajarkan praktik analisis data menggunakan Microsoft Excel. Pelatihan tersebut meliputi manajemen data, mengagregasi data, meringkas data, visualisasi data, dan analisis. Dengan adanya penyuluhan tentang pemanfaatan statistika dan pelatihan analisis data, diharapkan peserta mampu menerapkannya agar kualitas pelayanan TK Agriananda terus meningkat. (Dng/Awl/Zul)

On the training session of data analysis, the participants are directly be taught on practical data analysis by using Microsoft Excel. The training including the data management, data aggregate, data summary, data visualization, and analysis. With the training of the utilization of statistic and data alnalysis training, is expected the participants able to apply it, so the service’s quality of TK Agriananda will continue to increase. (Dng/Awl/Zul) (IAAS/NAB) 


Keyword : TK Agriananda, IPB University Bogor, Statistic, LPPM, Dosen Mengabdi


Published Date : 05-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Cici Suhaeni

Keyword : TK Agriananda, IPB University Bogor, Statistic, LPPM, Dosen Mengabdi