Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Teach Administrators and Koperasi Members Manage Finances Properly

Research and community service institutions (LPPM) IPB University through Dosen mengabdi programs teach Cibatok villagers steps to manage finance properly. LPPM present four lecturers from vocational school agribusiness management study program for counseling koperasi visi galang nusantara Cibatok 1 village, last November. They are Muh. Faturokhman SPt, MSi, Khoirul Aziz Husyairi, SE, MSi, Intani Dewi S.Pt, MSi, MSc dan Ir Leni Lidya MM.

The theme is “ Koperasi counseling as a mobilizer small and medium micro businesses”. Participants who attended are the management and customers koperasi.

In his presentation Faturokhman deliver that the one problem small and medium micro businesses (UMKM) is capital availability and difficulty of capital access. Consequently many person in UMKM that entangled around the bank or investors with high interest rates.

 “ The benefits gained from koperasi is koperasi interest rates is lower than conventional bank (profit-sharing system), koperasi orientation not only profit but also social empowerment, there are similarities in economic activity and self-help organizations which  has a democratically controlled company.

On the same occasion, Intani Dewi taught business people how to plan family finances. Financial planning is the art of financial management carried out by individuals or families to achieve goals that are effective, efficient, beneficial, so that the family becomes prosperous.

"Some tips on family financial planning that is, identify financial conditions, determine the main desires, financial health evaluation (check your wallet). Check this wallet is very important to do, among others, to show whether there are financial problems faced, ensure that financial conditions remain safe in the event of unforeseen events, ascertain whether family finances are protected, ascertain whether the assets currently owned are appropriate or not, and ascertain whether the desires of life that need money can be realized or not, "she said

He stressed, it is important for families to set any financial goals in the household. Check your wallet regularly at least once a year and create a monthly household budget to help families allocate and manage the income they receive, she added.

Meanwhile Rizki Riyanto as the organizer of the cooperative Galang Nusantara cooperative considered this activity positively. According to him, the Dedicated Lecturer Program is very useful for koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara.

"This event enlightens our members about the importance of cooperatives and increases the sense of belonging of members of the koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara. Hopefully, this event can be sustained and cooperate between koperasi Galang Nusantara and IPB University, "he said. (IAAS/NAS)


Keyword: Dosen Mengabdi, LPPM, Koperasi Visi Galang Nusantara, IPB University


Published Date : 25-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Rizki Riyanto

Keyword : Dosen Mengabdi, LPPM, Koperasi Visi Galang Nusantara, IPB University