Dosen Mengabdi IPB University socialization the role of koperasi as Developmennt of UMKM

Koperasi have a very important role in community welfare. One of them is encouraging the growth of the real sector especially Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM); able to create linkages partnership business between Koperasi and UMKM ; network development between Savings and Loan Cooperatives (KSP) and UMKM to expand acsses to capitals ; and run intermediation function that is mobilize public funds and channel the real sector especially UMKM.


Research Institution and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University trough the program Dosen Mengabdi IPB University presenting Lecturer from Study Program Agribusiness Management to counseling in Koperasi Visi Galang Nusantara, Cibatok 1 Village. Lecturers sent are Muhamad Faturokhman, S.Pt, M.Si ; Khoirul Aziz Husyairi, SE, M.Si. ; Intani Dewi, S.Pt, M.Si, M.Sc. ; and Ir. Leni Lidya, MM.

The theme of this program is counseling Koperasi as UMKM Movers. 32 Participas attended the activity which was held on Wednesday (27/11) consisting 3 managers and 29 members


Faturokhman conveys, one of the problem of UMKM’s today is difficulty of finding capitals for bank financial institution as venture capital credit providers. As a result, many small and micro businesses stuck on high bank interest.

Therefore, Faturokhman socialization to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises to invest through Koperasi. The profits from Koperasi is the interest rate that is smaller than convetional bank (profit-sharing system); Koperasi orientations not only a profit but is more towards social empowerment; there are the similarities in econmy activity; and Democratically controlled Self-help Organization 


While Intani Dewi conveyed the role of Koperasi in UMKM’s Development. Other than that, she also teaches business operators how to plan family finances. Finances plan is art of financial management carried out by individuals or families to achieve goals  that are effective, efisien, and beneficial so that the family become prosperous. 

 “some tips how to plan family finances that is recognizing financial conditions; determine the main desires; and evaluating financial health,” she said

Vocational School Lecturer IPB University also explain, evaluating financial health is very important to do, to show the financial problems being faced. This evaluation also aims to ensure that financial conditions remain safe despite unexpected events; ensure that family finances are protected; ensure that the current assets are correct or not; and ensure that the desires of life that need money can be realized or not.

She also said, it is important for families to set financial goals in the household. She appealed to carry out financial evaluations regularly at least once a year. She also invited to make a monthly household budget to help families allocate and manage the income they receive


While Rizki Riyanto as Koperasi Visi Galang Nusantara Managers give a positive appreciation to this activity. “Alhamdulillah, this lecturer serves activity is very helpful to Koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara. This activities enlighten to our members about the importance of cooperatives and increasing members’ sense of Koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara. The hope, this event can be sustained and established cooperation between Koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara and IPB University,” He said

The community service activities carried out in Koperasi Galang Visi Nusantara received a fairly good response and enthusiasm from the participants. in the future, Lecture service activities need to be continued because the impact is very positive and benefical to the community. (IAAS/NAS)


Keyword : IPB University Lecturer, Koperasi, UMKM, Vocational School IPB, Lecturer Service


Published Date : 16-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Aji Hermawan

Keyword : IPB University Lecturer, Koperasi, UMKM, Vocational School IPB, Lecturer Service