Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Presented the Importance of Business Accounting to Bogor Society

The Research Institution and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University was back on its agenda to carry the program Dosen Mengabdi through in Bogor and a few other regions in Indonesia. This program Dosen Mengabdi had invited members of Masyarakat Cinta Bogor (MCB), a major community in Bogor. The program was organized by Business School IPB University on Wednesday and Thursday (27-28/11) and attended by 85 members of MCB. The program brought up theme Business Opportunity, Potency, and Development in Bogor.


This program was held in Tanjung Room Building A Business School on Wednesday and in Cendana Room on Thursday. This program was opened by the facilitator from LPPM University, Fadhila Akmaliyah, SP and one of the lecturers from Business School for the opening speech. It was then followed by sharing materials from lecturers of Business School, who were Dr. Siti Jahroh, Lokita Rizky Megawati, SPd, MM, Achmad Fadillah, SE, MSi, MSc, Dra Alfa Chasanah, MA, Ir Retnaningsih, MSi, Febriantina Dewi, SE, MSc, Anita Primaswari Widhiani, SP, MSi, and Dr Ir Popong Nurhayati, MM. 


The materials delivered were about marketing and digital advertisement, accountancy and taxation for small and medium enterprises (UMKM), also marketing strategy. During the opportunity, Dr. Siti Jahroh shared for running a business, the businessmen or businesswoman should have entrepreneurial spirit within them, which are rich mentally, ability to overcome problems, and clarity for their goals. Moreover, business marketing should be done rapidly, as well as paying attention for the market strategy and the consistency for the products’ price and quality. One of the promotions suggested was attracting customers’ interests through digital marketing.


Meanwhile, Dra. Alfa Chasanah also stated that there were some aspects to note for running a business, which were the necessity of packaging for the customers, selecting individuals who are able to market the products, procedures to receive Licensing of Home Industry Products (PIRT), and make business accounting to reflect and evaluate the running businesses. There were a lot of people who hadn’t acknowledged the important of business accounting to run a business, namely Lies Dwi, SPd as one of the participant stated some of the business obstacles were numerous competitors, troubles for creating PIRT, and had no business accountings regarding the time limit and unstable money rotation.


 “I hope this program will be presented sustainably, such as trainings to create PIRT and business accounting as those are the vital components to run a business,” she said.


The lecturers gave opportunity to all participants to ask for expanding their knowledge regarding business. A lot of participants had already had business, yet they still needed guidance to knowledge to increase the quality of their businesses.Thus, this devotion to society program was expected to encourage the appearance of new businessmen/women who hadn’t had business, also reinforce the already existed businesses. (IAAS/AKD)


Keyword: IPB lecturer, Dosen Pengabdi IPB, LPPM IPB, UMKM Bogor, Komunitas Cinta Bogor


Published Date : 16-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Dr Siti Jahroh

Keyword : IPB lecturer, Dosen Pengabdi IPB, LPPM IPB, UMKM Bogor, Komunitas Cinta Bogor