Dosen Mengabdi IPB University Gives Training LateX and Kahoot for Teacher from Bogor Regency

Research and community service institutions (LPPM) IPB University sending two lecturer to Kornita senior high school in order to run the program Dosen Mengabdi 2019. Socialization of activities dosen mengabdi do at Friday november 22th on multimedia room kornita senior high school, Dramaga Bogor. 

The activities was attended by teachers from 16 senior high school from public school or private school at Bogor regency. Teacher who attended are mathematic teacher . Two lecturer dosen mengabdi IPB University are Dr Bib Paruhum Silalahi and Hidayatul Mayyani, Ssi.Msi that lecturer from mathematic department, mathematic and natural science faculty (FMIPA).

Dr Bib Paruhum Silalahi gives training LateX in order to improve writing skills mathematic document for senior high school teacher. LateX is a text processing system. LateX become standard text processor for publications in science,technique, and mathematic. Mathematic has many formulas and equation so when writing a document becomes a little more complicated. “ The activities needed by mathematic teacher for simplify they when create documents or math problems”, 

Meanwhile , Hidayatul Mayyani gives training about how to create math problems which interest use Kahoot. Kahoot is games based on free learning platform as one of educational technology. Kahoot is a website on the internet which can presents interesting quiz in class.

According to her, Kahoot can facilitate  teacher in teaching in class. On that platform there is an evaluation analysis feature  every student and everypoint question for simplify teacher to create analysis and this application can use for create games that attract students for study so that students not bored follow the learning which is difficult to understand. This application easy to operate and accessed through smartphone and computer.

The headmaster of kornita senior high school, Ir Tri Heru Widarto, MSc, hope this activity helpful and can use to improve ability in learning in the classroom. He added, as a teacher must always update and upgrade competition, knowledge and skills about deliver material so can understanding by students. Create feedback towards learning outcomes.

 “So interesting what was delivered by speaker, how to introduce and teach to us feels very meaningful although in a very short time. Before , we have never known LateX application and in majority from we are never use Kahoot application. This two application can add our knowledge and it seems like we have to apply it when teaching,” he said.

The hope,this activity can continue in next year with a lot of time and more participants. And the teacher can introduce with new application for support learning process in classroom. (IAAS/NAS)

keyword: Dosen mengabdi, IPB lecturer, LaTex, Kahoot


Published Date : 10-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Aji Hermawan

Keyword : Dosen mengabdi, IPB lecturer, LaTex, Kahoot