Develop "Local Government Clinic", LoGED FEM IPB Research Unit Holds Regional Cooperation Management Training

The Research Unit for Governance and Regional Economic Development (Local Governance and Economic Development / LoGED), Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University held the last series of Regional Cooperation Governance Training for Indonesian Local Government Apparatuses on 28th-29th of November 2019. The Regional Cooperation Governance Training Series was held in three waves of implementation, which is held on 15th-16th of October 2019, 14th-15th and 28th-29th of November 2019. The Regional Cooperation Governance Training took the theme "Strategies for Increasing Regional Competitiveness through Cooperation Based on Government Regulation Number 28 the Year 2018 on Cooperation Area."


The last series of training was attended by ten participants from Lampung and West Kalimantan provincial government officials, three-city government officials which are Bogor City, Jambi City, and Denpasar City, and one apparatus from the Berau Regency government. Speakers at this training activity are Prof. Dr. Ir Yusman Syaukat, MEc, Dr. Ir Ma'mun Sarma, MS, MEc, Dr. Ir Lukman M. Baga, MAEc and Dr. A Faroby Falatehan, SP, ME from the Faculty of Economics and Management IPB University. Speakers from outside the University of IPB were also invited Dr. Ir Muhammad Arif Hidayat, M. Eng, MPP, Deputy of the Regional Cooperation Facilitation Center, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ir Sidqi LP Sulistyo, MA, Bappenas Main Expert Planner and Ir FX Djatmiko Winahjoe, MP, Regional Development Practitioner.


The trainees were very enthusiastic and acknowledged that this activity was useful because many forms and models of cooperation that had been carried out by the regions were still less than optimal and lacking direction. The participants felt helped because they could consult related to the conditions experienced by the region in terms of handling regional cooperation.


The Regional Cooperation Governance Training Series was carried out because the regional cooperation factor was very important in preparing all local stakeholders and local industries to be able to survive and increase the unique competitiveness and benefit the region. In this regard, with the enactment of Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 28 of 2018 concerning Regional Cooperation, the model of cooperation and mapping of regional potential enters a new phase, namely the round of globalization and industry 4.0.


On the other hand, external factors such as limited access to productive resources and difficult access to markets and access to finance (local and foreign investment) are very influential factors. Thus, the role of the Regional Government (Pemda) in implementing policies must be aligned with the spirit of regional autonomy following the potential of each region. Through the Regional Cooperation Governance Training Series, LoGED FEM IPB University developed the "Local Government Clinic."


Local Government Clinic is a place or facility for regional governments throughout Indonesia to gather and develop their uniqueness to improve local competitiveness. LoGED FEM IPB University through the Local Government Clinic together with strategic partners such as Bappenas, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indonesian Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) will oversee local governments be more efficient and independent for Indonesia Jaya. (IAAS/YN)


Keywords: LoGED IPB, FEM IPB, Local Government, engineering


Published Date : 13-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ir Yusman Syaukat, MEc,

Keyword : LoGED IPB, FEM IPB, Local Government, engineering