Agribusiness Expo Becomes An Event for Student Entrepreneurship Training

Indonesia's need for young entrepreneurs continues to increase, especially in the context of opening new jobs for the community. To foster an entrepreneurial spirit can be through education that not only learns theory, but also practices it. This was done by the Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University through Entrepreneurship Practice Courses involving Agribusiness students and 10 international students who formed 22 teams.

In this course students are challenged to produce works and innovations that benefit the community. The work of each team was displayed in the Agribusiness Expo held at the Collection Park, Campus of IPB Baranangsiang, Saturday (11/30).

Tri Syaputra Fikri, Chair of the Expo Organizer, said that during the semester, students will have the task of making business ideas that will later be evaluated by banks and business developers. Each group will make a presentation to find investors in the development of their respective businesses.

"It is hoped that students who have completed this course are able to realize their ideas so that they will no longer need to look for work. So it is in line with IPB University's goal, namely to produce graduates who can create jobs," added Fikri.

Meanwhile, Dr. Burhanuddin who is the Coordinator of the Course explains that the course has a weight (0-3) which all of its activities are practicum. In the first week students are asked to look for business ideas, and then these ideas will be divided into four parts.

First, create a new business. Second, businesses that can partner with existing businesses. Third, strengthen existing businesses and fourth internship in companies and other business locations.

"There is absolutely no funding. There used to be funding, then in the second year without funds remained well organized. Actually, the presence or absence of student funds can still be an entrepreneur," said the IPB University lecturer. According to him, entrepreneurship is not the main capital but money, desire, creativity, and ideas. The function of the lecturer here is as a consultant for students.

This expo is the ninth expo since 2013. The expo event involved around 700 students consisting of 22 teams including 4 Japanese students, 4 Australian students and 2 Malaysian students.

"My impression of this course is about how this course allows students to be creative, such as having to choose the product they want to sell. At the same time students must also think about the benefits of the product for consumers," said Amiratul Nora Filzah, an international student from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Another benefit he got from this course was being able to find out people who were outside my place of study, namely Malaysia. He also can know and learn how to entrepreneurship which incidentally he is not an agribusiness student. (NR)


Keywords: IPB students, FEM IPB, Business, Entrepreneurship, Expo

Published Date : 03-Dec-2019

Resource Person : Tri Syaputra Fikri

Keyword : IPB students, FEM IPB, Business, Entrepreneurship, Expo