The Faculty of Economics and Management of IPB University Develops International Collaboration with Gottingen University

A group of leaders from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University visited Gottingen University, Germany (5/11).  During the visit, the FEM leaders met with the leaders of the International Collaboration Office, Göttingen University and the Coordinator of the Human Dimensions of CRC 990 EFFortS Research Group as well as Chair of the Human Geography Institute, Prof. Heiko Faust and Chair of Development of Economics, Prof. Sebastian Vollmer.  The discussion is directed primarily to the development of research and education collaboration.

On the occasion, the Dean of FEM, Prof. Dr. Nunung Nuryartono said that in the field of education, FEM already had a joint degree program namely the Agribusiness Department's Master Program.  According to him, the collaboration can be developed for other departments in FEM-IPB.

"The collaboration between IPB University and Göttingen University has entered 30 years.  Previously, the Chancellor of IPB University and Goettingen agreed that there would be a 30 years Anniversary of Göttingen University and IPB University event.  The form is a joint seminar in Indonesia.  This activity will invite alumni from Indonesia and the Asian region as well as stakeholders related to GIZ, DAAD, the German Embassy and others.  "Side event activities from the CRC program will also be followed up," he said.

According to him, in the future the joint publication with the Human Geography Institute will soon be followed up in relation to previous studies related to palm oil commodities.  The aim is the publication of FEM staff in reputable international journals will increase.  Besides the joint publication of inbound and outbound programs, FEM lecturers are also expected to increase through research collaboration and joint seminars.

Meanwhile, a meeting with Prof. Sebastian Vollmer, Chair of Development of Economics discussed the technical aspects of international class collaboration and research.  Prof. Sebastian stated that indeed at present lectures that use English at the level of undergraduate programs (undergraduate) at Goettingen University are still very limited.  But in the future, for the Development Economics undergraduate program there will be many lectures conducted in English so that the international program collaboration between Goettingen University and IPB University will increase.

"In addition to the education sector, collaboration in the field of research will also be realized through a collaborative scheme between Goettingen University, Syiah University Lecture and IPB University," he said.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of the Department of Economics also proposed the collaboration of organizing an international class of the Development Economics Bachelor Program which was welcomed by the International Office. (** / Zul)


Keyword: Gottingen University, International Cooperation, IPB University, FEM

Published Date : 10-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : Gottingen University, International Cooperation, IPB University, FEM