Sandiaga Uno Teaches IPB University Students to Do Millennial Business

The Vocational School of IPB University presented the figure of Sandiaga Uno in the National Business Seminar Seminar, which was held by the Agribusiness Study Program of the Vocational School of IPB University. This activity is part of the EYBI-C (Express Your Creative Business Idea - Competition) event, an Indonesian Youth Entrepreneur Creative Competition and Expo.

In the Business Seminar that was held at SKI Bogor some time ago, Sandiaga Uno changed the way students sit from the back lined chairs to closer sitting. According to him these methods are the preferred method of millennial so that dialogue is more interactive.

"You are millennials, do you want to be near or far, long or fast?" Said Sandi.

Bang Sandi's offer to get closer was responded by student participants by immediately running closer to the stage while sitting cross-legged.

According to Sandi, the class room model, back row, is a 1500s style.

"So the classroom system now has to start changing. By getting closer we will be both closer and mutually interactive, "he said.

Regarding young entrepreneurs, Sandi said that it was millennial time to create jobs with entrepreneurship. According to him, the millennial market has enormous opportunities

"At the moment, who understands who millennial is the most, who knows whose millennial tastes are? Millennials want to be fast or want to be instant?"

He added that millennials generally want good products and good service.

Sandi also appealed to millennials to change their mindset so that they love domestic products more.

Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria in his speech said that it was time for students to become entrepreneurs with a design by path.

"Previously there were also many entrepreneur pathways by accident. Being a job creation is a necessity. Therefore, an entrepreneur must have collaborative and adaptive skills and skills so that they can produce innovation, "he said.

The Rector of IPB University gave an example, this innovation in the industrial era 4.0, to make sugar does not have to be from sugar cane, but can use palm oil waste.

"Later, the clothes we wear are no longer from cotton but can be from seaweed. The challenges of innovation are whatever results from innovation, "he added.

At the same event, also present was Tasya Kamila, a young artist and entrepreneur in the creative industry. On that occasion he delivered about how to compare products through social media.

On the same day, this activity was enlivened with a product exhibition, training and business incubation.

Keyword: IPB Vocational School, IPB students, entrepreneurs, millennial

Published Date : 16-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB Vocational School, IPB students, entrepreneurs, millennial