IPB University Students Utilize Catfish Livestock Waste as a Business Source

The IPB University student team consisting of Hidayatus Solihin, Muhammad Fajar Kurniawan, and Aliwa Ayu Fatimah succeeded in winning the Third Place in the Business Plan Competition event held by the DIN Da'i campus organization Syarief Hidayatullah, Jakarta, last October.

They use catfish cultivation waste to produce fish food. This is in accordance with the theme provided by the competition committee regarding waste management.

"So we are raising fishery waste, which is catfish cultivation waste. Why catfish? Because catfish feed is rich in nutrients so the waste water is rich in organic nutrients that can be used for culture. Culture of catfish waste, will grow daphnia which can be used to feed fish. Daphnia produced can be sold for fish farming feed. Daphnia culture which is a zooplankton that can become fish food, "said Hidayatus Solihin.

The rapid increase in the population of daphnia makes the daphnia culture business very profitable especially if it is developed by the farmers themselves. Because it does not spend a lot of capital.
"The growth of dahpnia is simple. The increase in population is huge, amounting to 100-110 percent per ten days. This growth rate is very suitable when used as a business. Moreover, we do not need to add anything else in the culture of daphnia, "said Dayat.

They sell these daphnia products in the form of frozen-daphnia on a large scale. This is because once a harvest in 10 days produces 56 kg of daphnia from a pond. The market is for fish farmers.
"Seeing the size of the business in the field of fisheries, so I advised the students. If we want to start a business, don't be shy and pursue your field. Because there are many people out there who admire the fisheries business, "added Dayat. (AVR)

Keyword: Catfish Livestock, Daphia, Fish Feed, Fisheries Business, FPIK, IPB University, IPB students


Published Date : 05-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Hidayatus Solihin, Muhammad Fajar Kurniawan, Aliwa Ayu Fatimah

Keyword : Catfish Livestock, Daphia, Fish Feed, Fisheries Business, FPIK, IPB University, IPB students