Learning Entrepreneurship with Kopma IPB University

Student Cooperative (Kopma) IPB University is one of the Student Activity Units (UKM) which is engaged in entrepreneurship. The business activities of Kopma are carried out jointly with its members.

"The difference between Kopma IPB University and the business that usually is located in the culprit. If it is a cooperative, the business is run with members while the business in general can be done alone or in groups," explained M. Abiyulwan S as Chairman of Kopma IPB University in 2018/2019.

Kopma members are students of IPB University. Funds obtained by Kopma IPB University also come from members. Thus, the purpose of the cooperative is from members and for the welfare of members.

Kopma IPB University is a place for students who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship and cooperatives. There are three levels of education that can be followed by members, namely basic education, secondary education and further education. There are several softskill trainings that support the entrepreneurial skills of Kopma IPB University members.

The advantage gained by joining UKM Kopma IPB University is the existence of Remaining Business Results (SHU) that can be obtained at the end of the year. Every expenditure and participation in Kopma IPB University activities will get a point value (PV). Each PV value is Rp. 2000, - and can be taken at the end of the year as a SHU.

In addition to studying in college, the knowledge that can be obtained from Kopma IPB University can be directly applied in entrepreneurship. Leadership spirit is also trained by the organizational structure formed by Kopma IPB University. The implementation of entrepreneurship science can also be directly applied because Kopma IPB University itself already has several stores.

"Kopma IPB University already has its own shop. There are three outlets, Kopmart is near Boy Dormitory, Green Smart is near Girl Dormitory and Green Co is near Agrimart 2,” Abiyulwan closed. (NR)


Keywords: Cooperatives, Kopma, IPB University, students, education, shops, businesses

Published Date : 27-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Abiyulwan

Keyword : Cooperatives, Kopma, IPB University, students, education, shops, businesses