IPB University Students Offer Character Building through PENDEKAR

Information digitalization can make a change in family socialization. Family as the first and primary educational institution in society hoped can supply enough preparation for millennial generation. In family, a child educated to become able to face change and existing development as the supply to face industry revolution 4.0 challenge. Because of that, the success of future generation impacted by care pattern in family.

This encourage three IPB University students Holidin, Department of Agriculture and Horticulture student, Siti Hartati from Department of Consumer and Family Sciences, and Lukman Fathurahman from Animal Technology and Production Science designed a Program Pendidikan Keluarga Berkarakter (PENDEKAR) (re: Characterized Family Building Program).

PENDEKAR program tries to join three approaches to people according to program of National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN).

IPB University student also explained the application based character building program can be download from Playstore, meanwhile the web version can be accessed online.

On mobile and web application there are features that can be useful for users. The features are Pendekar Inovatif contains cooking and child caring tips, news and informations, library, counseling room, entertainment such as educative games, also parenting contains child caring knowledge.

Siti explains, news and information feature provides news about family that can be learned. Meanwhile, library is a feature that provides e-book about family. In counseling room feature, user can consul to counselor about their problems.

By the designed innovation, three IPB University students won First Winner Scientific Writing Competition on Family and Consumer Science National Competition and Symposium 2019 held by Consumer and Family Science Student Club (Himaiko) Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University last month.

Through PENDEKAR program, it hoped they can be alternative solution in helping family problem solving provided by various services such as live meeting or using technology through application and website that integrated to a system. It also hoped PENDEKAR program can be national program that can realize Indonesia characterized family. (NR)


Keyword: IPB student, character building, IPB achievement


Published Date : 12-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Siti Hartati

Keyword : IPB student, character building, IPB achievement