IPB University Strengthen IT through Database Arrangement and Data Processing

Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University strengthen information technology by holding Database Arrangement and Data Processing Training. This program facilitated by Directorate Human Resource with Directorate Information System and Digital Transformation (DSITD) attended by head of administration of faculties and departments, also by data management staffs of faculties and departments, Thursday (21/11) at IPB University Dramaga Campus.

Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Dr Suwardi in his speech delivered if data inputting done orderly through well integrated information system then IPB University will become greater.

“In new era of industrial revolution 4.0 along technology development now change the system easier, even in data accessing or inputting. Integrated information  system ease us on report making and faster data accessing and searching,” explained the lecturer of IPB University.

This program also in order to increase the theoretical understanding and data management implementation. Also, delivering integrated report between students, lecturers and data managers.

Director of Information System and Digital Transformation, Ir Julio Adisantoso, MKom in his explanation told that IPB University has prepared applications to ease lecturing process. “One of the example in lecturing schedule and attendance arranging, now can be accessed from students phone and data managers can monitor well,” added the lecturer of IPB University.

Then, Julio said, by the data integration simplicity, the lettering do not use paper more.” Letter only a piece, then it will be a safe data,” he explained.

In information system understanding according to other interviewees, Dean Apriana Ramadhan, the lecturer Department of Computer Science IPB University said that in application program and data management in universities, now not use conventional way more. “Accelerating data collection and disseminating information can be flexible and can greatly reduce time," he said. (NR)

Published Date : 23-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Julio Adisantoso

Keyword : Data Instusi, KTU Fakultas dan Departemen