IPB University Professor: Rich of Fish Stock in Ocean but National Tuna Fish Production Down

Government policy about forbidding transshipment and moratorium on permits fishery ship, had restored fish stocks in ocean. But this policy also give not really good impact for tuna fish business that is national tuna fish production decreasing.

“Now longline tuna fishery suffer a setback. Indonesia's export performance in general has declined in the last five years. Indonesian tuna exports, especially southern bluefin tuna, big eyes, yellowfin and albakora tended to decrease in 2015-2016 and increased again in 2017-2018 but did not match the total exports in 2014. The main export destination countries are Thailand, Japan, the European Union , USA and UK, "said Prof. Dr. Ir Tri Wiji Nurani, MSi, Permanent Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), IPB University during the Pre-Oration Press Conference at the Baranangsiang Campus, Bogor (11/21).

According to him, the main issue of export trade is related to tariff and non-tariff barriers. Product quality standards are an example of non-tariff barriers. Food safety and quality assurance are priorities for many importing countries.

"The government has taken sides with the importance of quality assurance and safety of fishery products, but implementation in the field is still low," he said.

The development of tuna fisheries needs to be revitalized by growing and strengthening the tuna fisheries business again. The tuna fisheries business is sustainable and equitable can be realized with the presence of input guarantees.

"Input security can be achieved by means of infrastructure, availability of fish resources, competent human resources and high capability, availability of data and information, availability of capital, infrastructure, easy access to markets and supporting regulations for guarantee investigation.

In addition, domestic market opportunities need to be created to reduce dependence on export markets. The increase in the domestic market is also to increase fish consumption and good nutrition for the Indonesian population,” he added. (NR)

Keyword: Fisheries, Prof. Tri Wiji Conscience, Scientific Oration, IPB University 

Published Date : 24-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Prof Tri Wiji Nurani

Keyword : Fisheries, Prof. Tri Wiji Conscience, Scientific Oration, IPB University