IPB Becomes Host of the 2019 Bebras Challenge

IPB University dedicated its information technology infrastructure facilities to the successful implementation of the Computational Thinking Challenges, better known as the Bebras Challenge in 2019. This activity was organized by the Indonesian Computer Olympiad Team (TOKI) supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

The event, which was held for five days from 11-16 November, was attended by 502 elementary, junior high, and high school / vocational schools from all over Indonesia.

"ICT IPB University is considered to be very good and capable of organizing online challenges participated by thousands of participants from all over Indonesia. Starting from the registration application to the challenges developed by ICT IPB University's skilled workers, "said Ir Julio Adisantoso, MKom, Director of IPB University's Digital Information and Transformation System.

The 2019 Bebras Challenge is held with the aim of improving the quality of Indonesian education through increasing the competence of high order thinking of students so that they can face the challenges of an increasingly competitive global life. On the other hand, it is also expected to be able to increase the reasoning power of students which is based on the ability to think structurally and critically.

Through the challenges of computational thinking allows elementary, junior high, and high school students to practice improving their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities in a fun way. This is because all material and issues are presented in an interesting way with pictures and illustrations so that they are easily understood by students.

Computational thinking is a way of thinking to solve problems, design systems, understand human behavior and underpin the concept of informatics. In today's world, computers have been used to help various aspects of life.

Therefore computational thinking must become the basis for someone to think and understand the world with its increasingly complex problems. Computational thinking means thinking to create and use several levels of abstraction, begin to understand the problem so as to propose solutions to solutions that are effective, efficient, fair and safe. Computational thinking also means understanding the consequences of the scale of the problem and its complexity, not only for efficiency, but also for economic and social reasons.

Challenge Bebras follows the development of Computational Thinking through "challenges" or challenges given for problem solving related to informatics in everyday life that are presented in an interesting and humorous way. Through the Bebras Challenge, students are invited to build thinking skills to solve problems and try to answer challenges.

"So, the challenge of Bebras is not just a race to win but more importantly is to learn to think and solve problems," concluded Julio. (NR)

Keyword: IPB  University lecturer, ICT IPB University, cyber, bebras challenges, computing


Published Date : 18-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Julio Adisantoso

Keyword : IPB University lecturer, ICT IPB University, cyber, bebras challenges, computing