Graduates of the Doctoral Program of IPB University Say that Propolis is Safe for Pregnant Women to Eat

The Best Graduate of IPB University's Doctoral Program in the Graduation Period Phase II of the Academic Year 2019/2010, Al Mukhlas Fikri, studied propolis to improve maternal and infant health. In his dissertation entitled Chemical Composition and Evaluation of the Safety of Propolis in Pregnancy in Experimental Animals, Mukhlas identified the bioactive components of Indonesian propolis and tested its safety in pregnant mice. Mukhlas was guided by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Sulaeman, MS, Prof. Dr. Ir. Anna Anna Marliyati, MS, Dr. Mokhamad Fahrudin, PhD, Prof. Dr. Ekowati Handharyani, PhD APVet and Prof. Vasya Bankova.


"Safety testing in pregnant conditions is done as a basis for developing propolis into antiemesis or anti-nausea sweets for pregnancy. The results showed that the main content of Indonesian propolis was triterpenes then followed by phenolic lipids. This research succeeded in isolating chromanon derivatives as propolis constituents. This compound was reported for the first time contained in propolis, "he said.


Safety test results show that Indonesian propolis is relatively safe for consumption. As for propolis extracted with water, the level of safety is wider than propolis extracted with ethanol. Water extract propolis is also seen to help the growth and development of the fetus. In addition, this research can also be a material consideration for the revision of Indonesian liquid propolis SNI.


Al Mukhkas Fikri successfully holds a doctorate after passing an open examination with external commission examiners by Prof. Rizal Damanik (Deputy BKKBN) and Prof. Faisal Anwar (Professor of the Department of Nutrition for the Community of IPB University). In addition to passing the doctoral program at the age of 25 years, from this research Mukhlas has produced three international journals Q3, one international journal Q1, one book chapter published by Academic Press, Elsevier. In addition there were five international meetings Mukhlas had participated in, namely in Malaysia, Thailand, Hungary, Bulgaria and in Indonesia. This doctoral research has also registered a patent.


Al Mukhkas Fikri completed his undergraduate scholarship with a Bidikmisi scholarship while his master's and doctoral degree received a scholarship from the Masters to Doctoral Education for Superior Bachelor (PMDSU). The three strata were won at IPB University. Through the Sandwich-like program, Mukhlas also had the opportunity to conduct research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


He is very interested in nutrition because he thinks nutrition is a useful science. As long as humans are still eating, nutrition will always be used. Moreover nutrition science has developed into a transdisciplinary science that has involved other fields of science such as food technology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, organic chemistry to economics. (NR)


Keyword: Propolis, Lecturer Research, Student Research


Published Date : 04-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ir Ahmad Sulaeman, MS, Prof Dr Ir Sri Anna Marliyati, MS, drh Mokhamad Fahrudin, PhD, Prof drh Ekowati Handharyani, PhD APVet dan Prof Vasya Bankova

Keyword : Propolis, Lecturer Research, Student Research