Faculty of Economics and Management IPB University Develop International Collaboration with Leibniz Universitat Hannover

Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University develop international collaboration with Leibnis Universitat Hannover (LUH), Germany in field of education and research. Through the visit to IPB University (6/11), Manager of The Faculty Economics and Management LUH, Fransesca Cristaldi delivered that FEM IPB University is one of the important partner for LUH.

“We had collaboration by summer course with Department of Management FEM IPB University. Also collaboration with lecturers of Department of Management lecturing in LUH since 2015. Because of that, the collaboration will continue and upgraded to many fields, education or research,” explain Francesca.

Some collaboration points agreed are educational collaboration through mobility window program scheme. Throught that program, bachelor, master, and doctoral students from both faculties can join summer course and credit earning program for a semester. Beside that, on the same program, lecturer’s mobility from both faculty can be done.

The interesting program offers are LUH Summer Program same as three lectures (15 credits) did by English. For joining summer course, student required to pay 1000 Euro (including accommodation).

About credit earning, Dean of FEM IPB University, Prof Dr Nunung Nuryartono offers to follow mechanism by Goettingen University and FEM IPB University. The mechanism is the students from Goettingen and vice versa can take lectures for a semester in Goettingen or in FEM IPB University. The offer got good responds from LUH party and can be applied especially for bachelor and master student.

Efforts to develop a joint degree program for master (master) will also be followed up soon. The initial stage is the exchange of curriculum structure. Then followed by a number of discussions in order to reach an agreement related to the curriculum structure in the joint degree program.

Regarding the research program, the Dean of FEM IPB University hopes that in the future FEM IPB University can be involved in the research collaboration conducted by LUH. (NR)


Keyword: FEM IPB, student mobility program, joint degree

Published Date : 09-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Nunung Nuryartono

Keyword : FEM IPB, student mobility program, joint degree