Discussion on Plant Protection of IPB University: Many Communities Use Instant Furniture that is Damaged Quickly

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University held a Public Lecture on Warehouse and Settlement Pests (PTN 311), Wednesday (11/20) at the Dramaga Campus of IPB. The lecture with the theme 'Operational Implementation of Pest Control Services and Efforts to Build a Career in a Pest Control Company' presented Radhy Alfitra, SP, Chief Operating Officer of West Java - Sumatra PT Etos Indonusa.


Almost every year, courses that Dr. Idham Sakti Harahap, Dr. Swastiko Priyambodo, Lia Nurulalia, MSi, and Nadzirum Mubin, M.Sc., always invites speakers from the company to provide briefing material to students who take these courses.


"The existence of pest control companies originated from public unrest related to health, damage to furniture, environmental disturbance, infestation of food, and so on," said Radhy.


Radhy also added that public unrest that he experiences almost every year is due to an attack of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) transmitted by Aedes aegypti or Ae mosquitoes. Albopictus. That becomes a serious problem that really needs to be fixed. Not only mosquitoes that cause dengue, home mosquitoes with the type of Culex sp can also be a contagious disease of elephantiasis, chikungunya and others so that the need for management and serious handling.


Randy also touched on problems that are often experienced by settlements. Namely damage to housing and furniture in urban areas. "Many housing and furniture are now instant. This means that many have become finished goods in a relatively short time without seeing the security of pests such as termites. Houses that are now being built in a short time make people rarely think of investing in management against pest attacks. Even when a pest attack like a termite can cause a large initial investment it can be lost in a short amount of time due to a termite attack," said the alumni of IPB University.


According to him, building pest management such as termites needs to pay attention to environmental aspects. Because now the environmental aspect is also a serious concern by the recipients of pest control services. Radhy said that all pesticides used are the same, but what distinguishes the pest control companies from one another is the man behind the gun, who is behind the weapons used. Radhy also added, the role of pest control companies is only 10 percent. The rest is active participation from clients. "Because every day it is the client who is always on the move and can carry out management that is a source of food or a source of nests to breed from the warehouse and settlement pests," he explained. (RYS)

Published Date : 15-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : Proteksi Tanaman, Diskusi