Vocational School of IPB University Establishes International Cooperation Vocational Education Development Project

The Consortium of Vocational Schools with the Maastricht School of Management and AARES University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands on October 8-10 organized a three-year workshop initiating the project entitled "Improving Demand Driven Vocational Training and Education in Poultry and Dairy".

The project aims to find new innovations in the development of vocational education program curricula at both the Vocational High School (SMK) level and vocational tertiary institutions in Indonesia in the poultry and dairy industry to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with market needs.

In the opening remarks of the workshop, the Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs of IPB University, Dr. Drajat Martianto said that the collaborative project between the Vocational School (SV) of IPB University, Maastricht School and AARES was very important so that graduates of vocational education programs both at the vocational level and vocational higher education in the future were more ready and had the competencies needed by graduate users and the needs the labor market or the business world and the industrial world (DUDI).

Dr. Arief Daryanto, Dean of SV IPB University, in this case acting as a "project co-leader" stated that this vocational education development project one of the goals was to change learning from "supply-driven" to "demand-driven" so that graduates or graduates of vocational schools and vocational tertiary institutions can be more adaptive to change to become skilled human resources who work and are ready for entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, Dr. Arief Daryanto said that the workshop this time also aimed to introduce the stakeholder participants how the "triple helix" platform could be used to build a shared understanding of the problems faced and then formulate curriculum development strategies that were more current, relevant and effective for vocational education programs both at the vocational and university levels.

The participants of the three-day workshop were 70 participants who were "triple helix" stakeholders from DUDI, the government, and academics.

Acting as resource persons in the workshop included Anton Joenoes Supit (Deputy Chair of KADIN's Employment and Industrial Relations), Director of Vocational Development (Dr. Ir. M. Bakrun, MM), Joost Nuijten (Deputy Head of Economic Department, Netherlands Embassy in Indonesia ), Dr. Desianto (Charoen Pokphand Indonesia), Huub Mudde and Gigi Limpens (Maastricht School of Management), Daan Westrik and Ernst Beitler (AARES). (AVR)

Keywords: Vocational School, IPB University, Maastricht School of Management, AARES University of Applied Sciences

Published Date : 16-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Drajat Martianto, Dr Arief Daryanto

Keyword : Vocational School, IPB University, Maastricht School of Management, AARES University of Applied Sciences