Tribute To Innovators 2019 : IPB University’s Appreciation For Innovators

IPB University is aspired to aim high and boasts its progress being holding status as the nation’s most innovative campus. Over the past eleven years, IPB University has been dominating the list of innovative and most productive state universities in Indonesia, reported by the Business Innovation Center—where out of the 1,155 innovations in Indonesia, 39.91 percent are from IPB University. Coming by this very position, IPB University lately held the Tribute to Innovators 2019 in Bogor on October 4th, 2019.

Rector of IPB University—Dr. Arif Satria conveyed that it is an annual activity to appreciate the impressive lecturers, researchers, innovators, as well as work units and startups within the institution. During this occasion, award was presented to total 87 winners for their achievements in producing innovations in various 12 categories. Dr. Arif expressed IPB University’s aspiration in development of innovations impact not only commercially at national level but also international level. It is targeted in 2023 that innovations of IPB University may inspire the world. He pointed as well that a branded startup strives not by mimicking the best out of existing practices, but instead creating new practices as the future references, thus this aspect depends on creativity.

Therefore, IPB University should not just carry out the best practices, but also those representing humankind’s challenges for going forward. Promoting the recently-born tagline of “inspiring innovation with integrity”, IPB University possesses hope that inspiration to innovate with an integrity to be the end product, and also, a solid integrity leads to solid collaboration.(NR)

Published Date : 08-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : Tribute to Innovators 2019, IPB University, Innovators