The IPB University Climate smart generation won the Youth Organization Award from Ridwan Kamil

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Right at the commemoration of the Youth Oath 2019, the Climate Smart Generation Community (GCI) won the Youth Organization Award (POK) from the Governor of West Java (West Java), Ridwan Kamil. This award was received directly by the Founder of GCI, Ikrom Mustofa who is also a Student Achievement (Mawapres) of IPB University 2015.

The West Java Youth and Sport Office explained that the fifth POK was carried out to boost the consistency and positive dynamics of the work of youth organizations to be worthy of appreciation and publicity so as to spur other youth organizations to get the same awards and publications. The main values raised in the award are productive, benefits and resonance. The four categories contested this year include the categories of Organizational Governance, Environment, Culture and Community Service.

GCI was originally an idea of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) from Ikrom Mustofa in 2013. Two years later it was appointed as a service program that led him to become Second Place Student with National Achievement.

According to him, GCI can compete with other communities because of the urgency and consistency of the program. Since the beginning, GCI has consistently pursued disaster adaptation and mitigation through curative preventive integration in the form of climate smart education based on local wisdom in children in disaster prone areas. This vision was formulated to address the problem of disaster vulnerability in Indonesia, where 90 percent of disaster events are closely related to climate. Disaster vulnerability is also greater in West Java, and even ranks second province with the largest disaster events in Indonesia.

Since 2016, GCI has hosted 25 young people and a total of 70 foster siblings who contributed to educating 10 elementary schools in Bogor.

Egi as Director of GCI this year said that setting aside 70 of the best youth organizations in West Java was not an easy matter. At least GCI passed three stages of selection, including administrative selection and factual verification by the jury to the GCI secretariat. Then the final selection is done through pitching by eight finalist teams in Bandung. The jury team for this competition was equally interesting, including Fajar Arif Budiman (Indonesian Police Consultant), Anton Sulthon (Lawyer) and Yunandar (West Java DPRD).

Egi added "In accordance with the Community Strategic Plan, GCI is committed to targeting more distant and disaster-prone areas, and is developing at least three chapters in the next five years. In addition to awards, GCI also received an incentive fund of 30 million rupiah. In the future, these funds will be allocated to develop learning media and expand the reach of target schools. "

 He added a message for all young people, "Don't be lazy (lazy to move) to work, there must always be someone who starts a struggle. If not we do and give an example of who else? Sometimes people's care comes from the care we see them. "

According to Egi, GCI opens opportunities to collaborate with other communities to accelerate the impact that is spread in the community. According to him, this award is not the end but the beginning of the struggle, triggers and triggers of young people, to work in a more innovative and impactful manner.

As the Founder, Ikrom Mustofa conveyed "Thank you to all the foster brothers and the GCI management team for all their hard efforts so that this award can be achieved at the moment of commemoration of youth oath 2019. I hope that in the future GCI will get bigger, its wings will be wider and continue to be useful for the future. Indonesia. " (NR)

Keyword: Climate Smart Generation (GCI), Award, Youth Organization (POK) from the Governor of West Java (West Java), Ridwan Kamil, IPB University


Published Date : 31-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Ikrom Mustofa

Keyword : Climate Smart Generation (GCI), Award, Youth Organization (POK) from the Governor of West Java (West Java), Ridwan Kamil, IPB University