Speeding Up the Increase in National Financial Inclusion, Ministry of Communication and Information Attracts Hipotesa of FEM IPB University

Professional Association of Economics and Development Studies (HIPOTESA) IPB University and the Directorate of Economic and Maritime Information and Communication, Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia) held a Literacy Corner X Hypotex-R event, Sunday (29/9) at the Faculty of Economic Management (FEM), Dramaga Campus.

In his remarks, Dean of FEM IPB University, Dr. Ir Nunung Nuryartono, MSi expressed his appreciation for the implementation of this event. "We welcome to continue to work with the Communication and Information Technology and Financial Services Authority (OJK) to be able to work in synergy with the campus, because in principle the campus produces knowledge products that should be delivered to the public. When we talk about literacy, this activity becomes an important part because today we are bombarded with information that if we are not careful we become illiterate. This activity is very important for financial literacy in millennials, "said Dr. Nunung.

Septriana Tangkary S.E, M.M, Director of Information and Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia explained the role of government in stimulating millennial generation to find out more about the world of digital finance. "Now, we can see how the government can be present in the middle of millennial generation. The government tries to continue to do many things to increase financial inclusion in Indonesia. Starting from developing policies, to implementing assistance programs to the community. At this time also, the government is starting to shift its role in enhancing the millennial role in the financial world, namely by reducing its role as a regulator, and becoming more a facilitator, even an accelerator," Septriana said.

At the seminar session, there were some interesting things delivered by presenters from the Financial Services Authority and Financial Consultant Company PT Jouska. "If we have financial difficulties and want to find information about a fintech company, we can contact OJK through the 157 hotline. Make sure, every time we want to invest, remember 2L, which is logical and legal. Review the investment profit offer first if the benefits offered are not logical, it's better not to continue. Only after you feel logical, please contact us at the OJK 157 hotline, to ensure the legality of the fintech company,” said Anugrah Sutejo, Head of the Information Section of the Directorate of Literacy and Financial Education, OJK RI.

PT Jouska's Senior Advisor, Julius Ade Candra, said that there is nothing wrong with millennial generation to start financial planning until retirement. "We have to invest. We must prepare funds for our retirement later. All of that is done so that our children can later finish their education well, and we can retire comfortably," said Julius Andre Candra. (RYS)

Published Date : 02-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Ir Nunung Nuryartono, MSi

Keyword : Hipotesa, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB University, Literacy Corner X Hypothesis-R