Research Camp, The One and Only Scout Model Camping Hold in IPB University

IPB Scout Model

National Research Camp (Kemrinas) held by Student Activity Unit (UKM) Pramuka IPB University in IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor attended by 175 scouts from various senior high schools. The participant came from Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Central Java, and Medan. The 5th National Research Camp aims to push creativity especially for scouts. This program holds biannual.

“Our principles are to meet, gather, and compete. Holding high the innovation in every activity, this research camp model is the only one in Indonesia. UKM Pramuka IPB University becomes the inisiator of this program, I hope this program can be the icon and the excellent program. Beside that, scout can develop following the trend,” said Husnul Kaab, the Chairman of organizing committee at the opening of research camp, 23/10. Husnul hopes this program can be wider range by collaborating with other scout student from other universities even go international.

The Rector of IPB University, Prof Dr Ir Arif Satria in his speech as the builder of ceremony says that scout can be the power to face the age of uncertainty. “The power is in creativity, innovation, and agility. I hope scout can be the front guard. Innovation and creativity can conquer the age’s need. Innovation can be a solution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Student Affairs and Career Development IPB University, Dr Alim Setiawan added National Research Camp is a positive program by UKM Pramuka. “This is the positive step to show the spirit of loving the research. Research is very important t face the challenge of age especially for scouts to be able of critically thinking, training the communication competence, solving complex problem, training the curiosity to the positive thing,” he said.

The program held from 28 October with the collaboration of various internal parties in IPB University they are SAU Student Regiment, SAU Indonesian Red Cross Voluntary Corps, SAU Archery, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, and Faculty of Human Ecology. The coordination did by Dr Fadjar Satrija as SAU Scout IPB University builder. (NR)


Keyword: scout, research national camp, IPB University 


Published Date : 24-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria, Husnul Kaab, Dr Alim Setiawan

Keyword : scout, research national camp, IPB University