Professor of FEM IPB University Launches a Book on Sustainability Analysis Techniques

Prof. Akhmad Fauzi, Professor of the Department of Resource and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management IPB University launched a book entitled Sustainability Analysis Techniques. This book offers analysis techniques for sustainability measurement that can be implemented at various levels of sustainability analysis and development scenarios.


In a book review held at the Toyib Hadiwijaya Auditorium, Dramaga Campus (8/10), Prof. Fauzi explained that in the future sustainability or sustainability has become a talisman in almost all development activities. This word is louder to be heard with the birth of the global development agenda. Since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the latest we know the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Thus, achieving sustainable development goals has now become a central issue, both in the micro (sectoral) and macro (national) order. Besides that, sustainable is needed to create a balance between nature and humans. Development that ignores the interaction of the two is proven to cause expensive costs which have implications for the decline in human welfare in a broader sense.


"For that the future development must also be sustainable, but the problem is how to measure and analyze the sustainability system is the most important. This book is here to explore and fill in how to analyze and ways of measurement that are sustainable," he said.


According to him, this book offers a middle ground of continuous analysis by providing technical analysis that is based on valid theoretical rules without reducing the principles of sustainability and the practical aspects of sustainable analysis. The theoretical aspects and empirical examples and ongoing analysis then become the hallmark in this book to address the complexity of continuous analysis.


Prof. Fauzi said, this book contains three things namely first about the philosophy or fundamental principles of SDGs relating to concepts as well as with historical and philosophy, the second part relates to the theoretical aspects of measurement, because this has not been widely discussed because the concept of sustainability is very complex, very multidimensional and there is no one measurement tool that is agreed upon by all, therefore this book provides space as a measurement tool to study, the third is about empirical examples of published journals, so the three components are in this book.


"This book can provide light in a dark tunnel. Because so far, especially students when talking about sustainability, that's all the measurement tools. Therefore this book gives the right choices, case by case and so on. It is hoped that in the future this book can become a platform when it comes to sustainability or a kind of reference that can be used for researchers, lecturers and students, because in it there are examples to help solve problems," he said. (RYS)


Keywords: Prof. Akhmad Fauzi, Sustainability Analysis Techniques, FEM IPB University, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), IPB lecturers

Published Date : 09-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Prof Akhmad Fauzi

Keyword : Prof. Akhmad Fauzi, Sustainability Analysis Techniques, FEM IPB University, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), IPB lecturers