Overseas Researchers Discuss How to Print Excellent HR at IPB University

Researchers at IPB University, University of Putra Malaysia, Singapore University of Social Sciences and University of Ghent, Belgium and Prague University discussed the future development of human resources in the agricultural sector. The discussion was packed in the 2019 International Conference on Human Ecology, "Human Capital and Agri Maritime Innovation Development in the Global Era" at the Dramaga Campus, (7-8/10).


IPB University Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ir Drajat Martianto explained the steps of IPB University in responding to the industrial era 4.0. According to Dr. Drajat, there are four strategies namely the education system 4.0 by reviewing the curriculum, preparing an adaptive curriculum, developing new study programs and professions. "In addition, the capacity to build academic staff and develop virtual learning exposes a number of industry-based 4.0 innovations that have begun to be applied in various agricultural sectors," said Dr. Drajat.


The Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology at IPB University, Prof. Ujang Sumarwan said the Faculty of Human Ecology at IPB University had a mandate to develop knowledge about community, safety, children's education, consumer education, nutrition, food policy, family communication and community development. "Humans in the context of changes in socio-technological and cultural ecosystems are the main concern, given the unlimited needs of the community and the scarcity of natural resources," said Prof. Ujang.


Furthermore Prof. Ujang said, this method was to gather ideas on how Indonesia would deal with agricultural development going forward. For this we need quality human resources. Through this event it will gather the thoughts of experts on the contribution and development of human resources in the agromaritime aspect. In this event we can share information on research results that can contribute significantly to the development of human resources. In addition, this event is also part of an effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Multisectoral commitments are needed, starting from individuals, governments and communities.


Some aspects discussed at the conference included the development of human resources, food, nutrition, ecological politics of counseling, consulting services, gender, communication, and community economic development. It is hoped that through this event there will be dissemination of research results by related parties on issues in the related system to develop various knowledge and experiences for better contributions, provide benefits to the wider community in a sustainability perspective, provide space for stakeholders, capture input for inspiring innovations.


The importance of boosting human resource empowerment was also conveyed by the Head of the Agricultural Human Resources Development and Development Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Dedi Nursyamsi who in his speech said that the President of Indonesia, Jokowi encouraged the empowerment of human resources (HR). "Human resource development is a key point for increasing productivity in all sectors including the agricultural sector, playing a very large role in increasing productivity, determined to Indonesia as the world food barn in 2045," said Prof. Dedi.


Prof. Dedi acknowledged that related to human resources, IPB University was extraordinary, contributing a lot in developing human resources starting from IPB University alumni. "In addition, the government is currently also focusing on vocational education, applied education, so that it will produce alumni who are ready to use and can have their own companies and entrepreneurial spirit. Besides providing their own jobs they will also attract workers," said Prof. Dedi.


Keyword: Prof. Dr. Dedi Nursyamsi, Dr. Ir. Drajat Martianto, International Conference on Human Ecology 2019

Published Date : 08-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Ir Drajat Martianto, Prof Ujang Sumarwan, Prof Dr Dedi Nursyamsi

Keyword : Prof. Dr. Dedi Nursyamsi, Dr. Ir. Drajat Martianto, International Conference on Human Ecology 2019