IPB University Women's Movement Initiates 3D Film Screening Regarding Brains

We have long known that the brain is the essence of life. Organ as big as a fist that regulates all the life mechanisms of their owners. But not many know what greatness the brain has.

The IPB University Women's Movement initiated a three-dimensional (3D) film screening and brain health education activity in Bogor with the theme 'The Amazing Human Brain and The Potential Catastrophe' which was held at Cinemaxx Lippo Plaza Ekalokasari, Saturday (12/10). This event was a collaboration between the Women's Movement of IPB University, Siloam Hospital, and Gunadarma University.

IPB University Women's Movement is an organization that is a forum for the female academic community at IPB University. Chaired by Prof. Aida Vitayala, a gender expert and Professor of IPB University, the organization is planned to become a formal institution with the name of the Indonesian Creative Women's Movement Caring for the Nation. Until now, there are 250 members gathered. Prof. Aida said that the focus of the activities of this organization was community service.

The screening of this 3D film was the first public activity of the IPB University Women's Movement.

The Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria highly appreciated the collaboration. The Chancellor of IPB University said that recently research on the brain was highly developed. "I am sure that after participating in this event, I will trust God more," said Dr. Arif.

The educational film in three dimensions is the idea of Indonesian neurosurgeon, Prof. Dr. Dr. Eka J. Wahjoepramono. For Prof. Eka, making material about nerves is easy, but the problem is whether the material can attract attention. For this reason, the idea of 3D film appears in the provision of education about the brain. 3D movie screening itself has been held twice, and in Bogor is the second time.

Having long been in the field of neurosurgery, Prof. Eka has encountered many cases. "I have operated on many patients with all kinds of diseases related to the brain. I'm not smart, just curious. Why overseas can operate this disease, while Indonesia can not, "said Prof. Eka.

As is known, the brain regulates the mechanism of human life. So it is certain that the balance of human life will be disturbed if the brain is damaged. Diseases related to the brain can be cured completely, can not be cured, and some can be avoided. Stroke, which is said to be the number one disability maker, is a disease that should be avoided.

Prof. Eka really hopes that the IPB University Women's Movement can help spread the danger of stroke. This disease, explained Prof. Eka, not only affects patients but also families. Because stroke kills the sufferer slowly.

Finally, Prof. Eka advised the importance of routine checks. The faster it detects the potential for disease in the brain will save many things in the future. (NR)

Published Date : 16-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria, Prof Dr dr Eka J. Wahjoepramono

Keyword : IPB University Women's Movement, 3 D film, Prof. Aida Vitayala, stroke, brain 3D film, IPB University lecturer