IPB University Vocational School Organizes International Student Exchange Program

The Vocational School (SV) IPB University held a welcoming ceremony for students participating in the South East Asian-Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SEATVET) Students Internship Exchange 2019 program. Every year SV IPB University receives and sends around 20 students. They followed an exchange program that lasted for one month at one of the destination universities located in five Southeast Asian countries.


The SEATVET program is the result of collaboration between the South East Asian Ministry of Education (SEAMEO) with various universities in ASEAN to facilitate students to experience internships and cultural exchanges abroad. At present more than 120 universities in Southeast Asia are participating in this program.


In his remarks, Dr. Arief Daryanto, MEc, Dean of SV IPB University, welcomed the foreign students who took part in the SEATVET program at SV IPB University and welcomed back to the outbound students of SV IPB University who had just completed this program at various partner universities participating in this SEATVET program. "Hopefully the students who take part in the SEATVET program will have an invaluable opportunity to learn cross-cultural aspects, to increase understanding and experience from visits to international companies that are suitable for their portfolio fields and to improve communication skills between students," said Dr. Arief.


Furthermore Dr Arief Daryanto said that inbound students who took part in SEATVET activities in October and November at SV IPB University were among others from Iloilo Science and Technology University of the Philippines, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University of the Philippines, Jeli Kelantan Polytechnic and Malaysia Mersing Polytechnic and from Thai Tech Group. While students of SV IPB University, outbound students participated in student exchanges to Pangasinan State University and Central Luzon State University in the Philippines.


"For a month students take part in various activities held on the destination campus. They learn about campus orientation orientation, study together in class, cultural and tourist tours, internship visits and placements in the company, and work on projects together with their supervisors," explained Dr. Arief. Dr. Arief hoped that upon returning from the SEATVET Program the participants from SV IPB University could also be actively involved as buddies who acted as escorts and friends for foreign students. Students who become buddies can also implement their foreign language skills actively, build and develop networks or help foreign students to take part in this exchange program at SV IPB University. (RYS)


Keywords: outbound students, inbound students, South East Asian Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SEATVET) Students Internship Exchange 2019.

Published Date : 06-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arief Daryanto, MEc

Keyword : outbound students, inbound students, South East Asian-Technical and Vocational Education and Training (SEATVET) Students Internship Exchange 2019.