IPB University Students Join 2019 Pre-Marriage School

Islamic Community of the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) and Islamic Student of the Faculty of Management Economics (FEM) in collaboration with the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and the Department of Islamic Economics successfully held a Pre-Marriage School (SPN) 2019 IPB University, last August in the Sharia Economics Lecture Room, Campus Dramaga, Bogor.

"We see a variety of worrying phenomena in divorce cases. Starting from the quarreling, disharmony in household relations, broken home, to the destruction of children's education due to the destruction of this household increasingly apprehensive. Unpreparedness in facing the household ark triggers turmoil in the family. The Pre-Marriage School is here to provide education on marriage preparation from the aspects of psychology, family science and Islamic law. Hopefully this activity is a step to prepare themselves for family life, "explained Rayhan as Chairperson of SPN 2019.

The IPB University Pre-Marriage School Program with the theme "Family Building the Nation: Preparing Marriage with Science and Islam". A quality family is born from those who have planned the foundation of their household well. All planned, filled with knowledge so that his family became a great nation-building family. Rayhan also added that the SPN activity was attended by 40 participants and intensively held every week for five meetings.

The activity that was held was presenting Dr. Tin Herawati, lecturer and Chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (IKK) IPB University. Other presenters were lecturers as well as Chair of the Department of Islamic Economics of IPB University, Dr. Asep Nurhalim. The two presenters collaborated thoroughly about family and marriage readiness from a scientific and religious perspective. The material presented varied and systematic from preparing for marriage, pre-marriage, to maintaining harmony and family integrity.

"The sciences of self-readiness to face the family ark are very important. Joint efforts to avoid cracks in the family which impact on many aspects, character and morals of children for example. Through this activity we expect the participants to have provisions and understanding of the true meaning of marriage. Not just marriage. But it also has a solution on how to deal with various waves of problems in a marriage, "said Dr. Tin Herawati as the initiator of IPB University Pre-Marriage School.

Dr Tin also added that a great family is a family that is able to provide a better change for each person in the family. A harmonious family is a family that can solve family problems well and there is intensive, quality, open, honest and caring communication with one another. "One root of the problem in the family is the pattern of communication that is not good, so it must be avoided by each member in building a good family," he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Asep Nurhalim explained about marriage and our tips to a family that is sakinah, mawaddah, wa rohmah. Premarital education is very important, especially understanding religion in the face of the household ark. "Premarital education can provide benefits for participants. Participants are taught not only the readiness to get married and domestic life, but the overall aspects of family harmony are maintained intact. Divorce rates are also expected to be minimized by the presence of premarital education, "said Dr. Asep Nurhalim.

For this reason, Rayhan hopes that the Pre-Marriage School activities will not only stop at this stage, in the future it will be routinely held every three or six months. "Hopefully this activity can attract many participants to actively participate. In the future, by participating in pre-marital education, participants can raise awareness of various potential problems that can occur in the family, accompanied by effective efforts to prevent or overcome these problems until finally a family that is sakinah, mawadah, wa rahmah, "he said . (NR)

Published Date : 02-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Tin Herawati

Keyword : Pre-Marriage School (SPN) 2019, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Islamic Economics, IPB University